Lana: Karson's Home Health AidLana gives us the inside scoop on the injury and mornings with Karson at home.
How Do You Deal with a Snoring Spouse?Does your significant other snore?
Karson & Lana's Bedtime BanterLast night Karson & Lana were reminiscing about the early stages of dating and how they met, which turned into a fight.
Karson & Kennedy: Are YOU Middle Aged?When did you realize you were middle aged?
Boo! Halloween Scares That Went Too FarBilly and Michelle called in to talk about the time they went too far for a scream!
Salt's Friend Gives A Firsthand Account Of The North Carolina ProtestsKarson, Kennedy, and Salt discuss the violence in North Carolina with Salt's friend Kahran, who witnessed the riots and protests firsthand.
At What Age Did Your Kid Stop Sleeping In Your Bed?Because David Wade has had about enough of it!
Faux 911 Call: One Hell Of A DrugHere is a Faux 911 call concerning a guy that takes an Ambien before going to bed and hallucinates that he was in a plane crash.
Introducing the 'Eject-a-Bed' Alarm Clock for TeensThe holidays are just around the corner! Check out the new fool-proof 'Eject-a-Bed" alarm clock and other great unconventional alarm clocks that are sure to get the snoozer in your life out of bed!
During What Inning Did Kennedy Leave Her Red Sox Date Last Night?Kennedy gives herself a strict curfew since she works mornings. Did she stay til the end of the Sox game, or did she leave her date at the park?
Barrett's Benchmark Is A Bittersweet Moment For LanaBarrett has become a man. Well maybe not quite so much, but he did learn to put himself to bed. Suffice it to say he almost induced some water works from his mother!
War of The Roses Marathon: Breaking A Dry Spell

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