Are Tim the Web Guy and Franzia An Item?Franzia and Tim spent some time together this weekend on a booze cruise, and we want to know if it amounted to anything!
UberBOAT Is Now In Boston! Will You Be Hailing A Water Taxi With The App?All aboard the UberBOAT! Public transportation in Boston just way cooler with the new UberBOAT water taxi app!
Kennedy Kept A Secret From Us!Last night, Kennedy went to a party on John Henry's boat. While on the Red Sox owner's boat, she met a plethora of famous people...some people she didn't even realize were famous!
Mystery Man In The Boston HarborA story out of Boston has now become international news. There is a mystery man who has a canoe that he ties to small offshore docks in the Boston Harbor. He pitches a tent and sleeps out there every night.

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