I’m Buying A Car.. With Cash, But Need A Ride To The Dealer….Anyone Wanna Take Me?!

In another true crime tale from the ‘burbs…a woman carries cash to buy a car, and needs a ride to the dealership. But it was no “friend” that offered her a ride! The stories are […]

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Do You Lick Your Q-Tips? Normal Or Not?!

C’mon be honest! You know someone who licks their Q-Tip before using it!! Do we think it’s normal…that’s the question! Follow Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, & Amanda Giles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Call us […]

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15 Seconds - The Lounge Kittens

15 Seconds Of Fame – The Lounge Kittens | I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing #TBT

Boston legend Steven Tyler turns 67 years old today and we figured it was a perfect occasion to do a Throwback Thursday AEROSMITH Edition of 15 Seconds of Fame. We’re featuring The Lounge Kittens with […]


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15 Seconds Of Fame – Keelan Donovan & Megan Davies | Blame [Update]

We welcomed 15 Seconds of Fame featured artists Megan Davies and Keelan Donovan to the Mix studios today. They’re playing a show in Cambridge this Saturday afternoon! Tonight we’re featuring their acoustic cover of Blame by Calvin Harris featuring John Newman recorded […]


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Circumcision Stick-Out! OOPS!!

Can you imagine being a young boy in elementary school and having to have “the operation?!” Well, one boy did and was probably a little numb down there… In another call.. a lady threw her […]

Mix 104.1–03/25/2015


Honey, What’s This Brown Liquid On My Leg?!

Her hubby was in bed dipping chewing tobacco and spitting the brown, oozy, smelly, slimy spit into a cup. The drone of the television made him doze off …All we can say is EEWWWW!! Another […]

Mix 104.1–03/25/2015

15 Seconds of Fame - Alice Olivia

15 Seconds Of Fame – Alice Olivia | Love Me Like You Do

Got a really cool cover tonight on 15 Seconds of Fame. Check out singer Alice Olivia from Cambridge, England and her original take on Ellie Goulding‘s Love Me Like You Do. Give it a listen and […]


15 Seconds - Megan Davies

15 Seconds Of Fame – Megan Davies | Dive In (Original)

15 Seconds of Fame alum Megan Davies is back with an original song called Dive In. Joining Megan on vocals is her sister Jaclyn Davies. Give it a listen and tell us what you think! More:  Megan Davies  […]


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Dog House: Look BEFORE You Throw!

Rebecca and her husband were playing catch on the baseball field… back’n’forth, back’n’forth. Hubby turns to talk to someone, so Rebecca turned her attention too. Well, it was at that moment that her husband’s aim […]

Mix 104.1–03/23/2015


Soy Sauce in Mashed Potatoes…Normal Or Not?!

Kids and adults alike love to swirl peas into mashed potatoes. A nice sweet treat to counter against the creamy whipped potatoes. But salty soy sauce?! Another behavior quirk from this week’s edition of Normal […]

Mix 104.1–03/23/2015