Kate Gives Us an Update on Her AppealKate had to appear in court yesterday because of a Mercedes rental that she crashed back in 2012.
...And Then I CriedHear what makes everyone cry!
Guess Who's Going to Need a Scooter?Producer Mike may need to rent a scooter when he goes to Disney World.
Can't Lick Salt: Kerry From BridgewaterKennedy is on vacation this week, so we are playing Can't Lick Salt. Listen in to hear if Kerry from Bridgewater was able to Lick Salt!
War of the Roses Marathon: Two Thumbs DownJessica's boyfriend Matt just got a new job as a movie blogger. Is he saving the aisle seat for someone else?
Kate Merrill Has To Go To CourtKate Merrill has to go to court this morning for a Mercedes rental that she crashed back in 2012.
Kate Merrill Broke Her Foot on a Girls Night OutKate Merrill from WBZ has been filling in for Kennedy while she is on vacation, and has decided to share with us how she broke her foot on a girls night out in Martha's Vineyard.
China or Florida Headline Trivia GameKarson reads headlines while Kate and Salt try and figure out whether the story is from China or Florida.
No More Single Guy SaltKate Merrill from WBZ-TV has been noticing all the changes that have been happening with Salt since she first met him as "Single Guy Salt."
Can't Lick Salt: Marisa From SalemCan Marisa lick Salt? Can YOU?
15 Seconds Of Fame - Marcela Cruz ft. Martin Sarango | Cheap Thrills - Don't Let Me Down #MashupSuper talented singer from Lowell, MA is our featured artist tonight #15Seconds
A Jallopy in Wellesley...Call the Cops!!And they did! Check out the Wellesley Police Blotter every Friday at 5:40 only on Mix 1041 with Gregg, Fred, and Amanda!!

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