Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of The BedGregg told a story on-air today (with permission!) that could have happened at any moment. But the fact that it happened just after the birth of their son, Cruz...and on her side of the bed..!! Take a listen and you'll understand!
OOPSIES!We love Wednesday's! We hand the airwaves over to you, and let YOU make US and Boston laugh!! One story today was small joke among husband and wife over the "proper way" to say rice pilaf, turned into a dinner with guests that featured rice not egg on her face!
15 Seconds Of Fame - SONS OF SERENDIP | Purple Rain #UpdateAnother great Prince tribute tonight, this one on the local tip...
Childbirth Is Exhausting...For The DadGregg Daniels (and anyone who knows him) can't believe he now has 2 kids!! It was a miraculous but exhausting event. Listen to the story of Gregg recalling that second day in the hospital, and why he can never show his face at South Shore Hospital again!
"Snoopy's" DoghouseMom wasn't exactly SNOOPING in her son's bedroom, they were moving and things needed be sorted out. But..what she found in a small box, lead to a big blowup! Listen and see if you think her son should be In The Doghouse! (hint: he's a boy. 'nuff said!)
#RIPPrince: Boston Reacts To Prince's Death On Social MediaAs word began to spread that music and the world had lost yet another legend, Bostonians took to social media to express their thoughts, grief, and find some solidarity and comfort in the passing of Prince.
Erin O'Malley Kicked Marathon Butt Yesterday!Watch Salt's clip of Erin running in the marathon, and hear from her this morning!
15 Seconds Of Fame - Keelan Donovan | Let It Go #SHOW ALERTLocal singer Keelan Donovan is back in Boston this weekend. Show info here. And check out his new James Bay cover...
Welcome To The World!The suspense is over! We heard that Gregg Daniels and his wife headed to the hospital this morning. And just after 3:00 this afternoon we got a call that Gregg and Dinara are the proud parents of a healthy ...boy or girl?! Listen to hear the news!
OOOOOPS!There are so many unexpected laughs in life...and this is where you get to share them! Laugh with us every Wednesday at 5:40 and 6:10!!
'Cause I Said So!!Overriding MOM is never a good idea...and her boyfriend found out the hard way. Today's Doghouse story was a close call to decide if giving in to a kid is worth the wrath of Mom!
$25,000 Dinnerware Set Stolen! Wait, $25K for Forks and Plates?!!Yes, Wellesley is one of the richest zip codes in the Commonwealth. Dinnerware in one of these homes, costs more than a car!!

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