Open Mixfest 2016 Qualifier | CADO "High Tide"Check out Boston duo Cado - they are one step closer to opening #MixFest 2016!
"You're Not My Girlfriend!" Nice bum tho!!OOPS Moments happen to all of us...this is where they get shared live on-air!! Join Gregg, Fred, and Amanda every Wednesday at 5:40 and 6:10
Open Mixfest 2016 Qualifier | Andru East "Roll With Me"This talented Bostonian is ONE STEP CLOSER to opening MixFest 2016!
Booty CallNo, you can't control other people, but when a booty call keeps calling...does that put YOU In The Doghouse?? Listen live every Monday at 5:40!!
Open Mixfest 2016 Qualifier | Savion "Adventure Of A Lifetime"Check out tonight's #OpenMixFest Qualifier Savion with a cool Coldplay cover...
Open Mixfest 2016 Qualifier | Josh Lekas "Heart's In LA"
I'll Show You How To Walk Your Own Dog!What would you do if you had a problem with your dog walker? It's not what they do in Wellesley!! Catch the Wellesley Police Blotter - true crime from "The Wellesley Townsman" newspaper every Friday at 5:40 with Gregg and Freddy on Mix 1041
Open Mixfest 2016 Qualifier | Abby Hennigan "Let Life Be"Congrats to Hopkinton, MA singer/songwriter Abby Hennigan, tonight's Open Mixfest Qualifier!
"Bambi" Moment ..In Front Of Co-Workers: OOPS!!If you've had a Bambi moment, you'll know it's totally embarassing! If you don't know what it is...listen and laugh with us!! You give 'em to us, we play 'em every Wednesday at 5:40 and 6:10 with Gregg and Freddy on Mix 1041
15 Seconds Of Fame - Keelan Donovan | Local Show AlertCongrats to local singer/songwriter Keelan Donovan on signing a new publishing deal! Catch him in town this Friday night!
Open Mixfest 2016 Qualifier | Jenna Lotti "Drive"Congrats to our latest Open Mixfest Qualifier JENNA LOTTI from Milton, MA!
Open Mixfest 2016 Qualifier | Tyler and Ryan "Stranger"Congrats to tonight's Open Mixfest Qualifiers Tyler and Ryan!

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