War Of The Roses Marathon: Bachelor Party FoulTaryn's fiance Matt just had his bachelor party. Will a call from one of his friends end this marriage before it starts?
War Of The Roses Marathon: The DaughterKim's boyfriend Jeff has been getting call from a girl named Sophie and it has her concerned.
Stacy Found A Tracker In Her Boyfriend's Car!Stacy called us to share a story about how her boyfriend actually tried to track her!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Sex?Kara's boyfriend Ken has been going out a lot lately, and she found a note that makes her think he's not going out alone.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Flipping The ScriptJulie's boyfriend Matthew has been working a lot of overtime, but is he spending more time with his assistant than his spreadsheet?
War of the Roses Marathon: You Should've Just Left A TipSteph likes to think of herself as a cool girlfriend. However, her man's recent behavior has her seeing red.
War Of The Roses: Tinder DummyJennifer's boyfriend Devin showed up on Kat's Tinder. Did she swipe left, right, or roses?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Buffalo, Buffalo, BuffaloRobyn and Dave are trying to make the long distance thing work, but it looks like one of them is working harder than the other.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Kissing In The ClosetLynn and Colby have just moved forward to making their relationship official, but it seems like he's still looking to the past.
War Of The Roses: Awkward BrunchColleen was in for a rude awakening when she stayed at her boyfriend's house.
Allie Hardie "Brought" Her Marine Corps Boyfriend to Prom... And to Our Studio!Hear how Allie took her boyfriend to prom!
War Of The Roses: Crossfit ConfusionAlison's boyfriend Aaron has started crossfit, and she thinks someone there is working him out.

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