War Of The Roses: “Not Hot For Teacher”

Mandi and Adam dated all winter. But now that summer is here, his eyes are wandering.

Mix 104.1–16 hours ago


War Of The Roses Marathon: “The Embargo”

Kara’s boyfriend, Joe’s ex-girlfriend just got out of a relationship and she’s leaning on Joe for support. He says she’s just a friend, but is she?

Mix 104.1–18 hours ago


The War Of The Roses Marathon: “The 2 Faces Of Sully”

Wendi is concerned that her boyfriend Sully’s eye might be wandering. We think that isn’t the only thing wandering.

Mix 104.1–07/01/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: Exclusive Is What Exclusive Does

Katie wants to take it to the next level with her man Luis. But has he already gone to that next level with someone else?

Mix 104.1–06/30/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: D-T-D! Go Deltas!

Jessica thinks her boyfriend Tommy might still have feelings for his college crush. Are her fears unfounded or will he be alpha beta busted?

Mix 104.1–06/29/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: I’ll Find You

Jessica says her man David has grown distant. However, she might be a bit confused regarding the actual status of their relationship.

Mix 104.1–06/26/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: Guys Night Or Not?

Mary’s boyfriend went out for a boys night, but according to Facebook he wasn’t with the boys.

Mix 104.1–06/25/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: Here Comes Cheater Cottontail

Bridget is convinced that her boyfriend Damon is dating her ex Jacks’ new girlfriend Juliet. Confused? Just wait.

Mix 104.1–06/22/2015

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War of the Roses: Always A Bridesmaid

Amy’s boyfriend Rich went to a friend’s wedding alone, and what happened at the reception might not have stayed there.

Mix 104.1–06/19/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: Well, That’s One Way To Tell Her!

Karen is recently engaged, but she feels like her fiance might be getting cold feet…

Mix 104.1–06/17/2015