War Of The Roses Marathon: Gurl Let Me Get Those DigitsVeronica & Chris have been on and off for awhile & right now they are on. But is he already on someone else?
War of the Roses Marathon: "I Can Turn Her"Irene has found text messages on her boyfriends phone from another woman. However, the other woman might not be as interested as he thinks.
War of the Roses Marathon: "Keep Your Friends Close"Andrea & her boyfriend Kyle love to go out & party with friends. But is one of those friends getting a little too close for comfort?
Kennedy Is A Snorer!Kennedy's boyfriend can't deal with her snoring anymore.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Who's My Plus One?Lindsay has been dating Tim for about a year, and she thinks the end is near.
War of the Roses Marathon: "Won't Call Me His Girlfriend"McKaela has been dating Brendan for about 4 months, but he wont call her his girlfriend. Is this because someone else holds
Salt & His Girlfriend Leroy Are Picking Out Baby Names!Leroy has her heart set on a name Salt cannot deal with under any circumstances, and you'll NEVER believe why.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Bachelor Party FoulTaryn's fiance Matt just had his bachelor party. Will a call from one of his friends end this marriage before it starts?
War Of The Roses Marathon: The DaughterKim's boyfriend Jeff has been getting call from a girl named Sophie and it has her concerned.
Stacy Found A Tracker In Her Boyfriend's Car!Stacy called us to share a story about how her boyfriend actually tried to track her!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Sex?Kara's boyfriend Ken has been going out a lot lately, and she found a note that makes her think he's not going out alone.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Flipping The ScriptJulie's boyfriend Matthew has been working a lot of overtime, but is he spending more time with his assistant than his spreadsheet?

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