War Of The Roses: At The Car Wash YeahNo good deed goes unpunished.
What To Do When Your Cat Has Six KittensChris's girlfriend got a cat behind his back, and then it had kittens.
War Of The Roses: Amazon Dot What?Casey's hubby Carmen has been ordering lots of gifts from Amazon. Problem is...they aren't being delivered.
War Of The Roses Marathon: To B Or Not To BNicole found a necklace in her boyfriend's couch that isn't hers.
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun"Kristen is worried that her boyfriend Aaron is looking elsewhere for love. Will our call have her seeing double?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Sister SisterChrissy is worried that her man's eyes are wandering. Problem is they are wandering to her sister!
War Of The Roses: Sister, SisterChrissy is worried her man's eyes are wondering.
War Of The Roses Marathon: One RuleLaura thinks her boyfriend Doug is spending too much time at the office. Is he working at his desk or playing under it?
Kennedy's First Sleepover At The Mountain's House!Find out how it went!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Florence & The Mad DreamNick's girlfriend Alliah is a nurse. He's worried she might be giving more than TLC.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Clowning AroundPhillip, a party planner, thinks his girlfriend Erica is being distant. But it seems Erica doesn't even want to be invited.
Which Would You Put First -- Your Relationship or Your Dream Job?Adrienne wants to join the Police Academy because she's always dreamed of being a cop.

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