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(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Would You Let Your 17-Year-Old Daughter’s 25-Year-Old Boyfriend Sleep Over?

Would you let your 17 year old daughter not only date a much older man, but let him sleep over in her room?

Mix 104.1–01/23/2015

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses: “One Night In Bangkok”

Mary thinks there might be trouble in their relationship. Looks like the trouble might be her.

Mix 104.1–01/22/2015

(John Moore/Getty Images)

Sick of Being Single? You Could Try an Invisible Boyfriend…

A new service will create a fake boyfriend or girlfriend for you, complete with texts and pictures. Would you try it?



Have You Ever Had An On Again Off Again Relationship?

Have you ever had a relationship you just couldn’t let go of and ended up dating that personr repeatedly? John Mayer and Katy Perry know what that’s like, and so do Karson and Kennedy.

Mix 104.1–01/16/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Shoot To Thrill”

Tommy is worried his wife Jessica might be playing more than online games with another guy.

Mix 104.1–01/16/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Does Anyone Believe The Old “She’s Just A Friend” Thing Anymore?

Jessica’s boyfriend just rekindled a friendship with an old college friend. But has a spark led to a fire?

Mix 104.1–01/14/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Kennedy”

Tera is trying to catch Patrick in a lie, but could it be that someone on the show is to blame?

Mix 104.1–01/12/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Sade”

Shannon knows that Richard is cheating on her, but what happens if the only thing we can prove is that he doesn’t know how to use a phone app?

Mix 104.1–01/07/2015

(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

It’s Official – Sam Smith and Jonathan Zeizel Are Already the Cutest Couple of 2015

If it’s on social media, then it’s official, and these two are all over Instagram. Check out the sickeningly cute photos.



War Of The Roses Marathon: Hey Bartender! Spend A Little Time With Me

Glen’s girlfriend Meghan got a little chatty with the bartender. Was he giving her more than just drinks?

Mix 104.1–01/05/2015



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