War Of The Roses Marathon: The Big Mac DietErin thinks her boyfriend Matt is still talking to his ex. A quick look at his cellphone has her calling us for roses.
War Of The Roses: Happy Hour HarlotClare's friend caught her boyfriend Chris flirting with waitress. Was he being nice or naughty?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Not Hot For TeacherMandi and Adam dated all winter, but now that the weather is getting nice, his eyes are wandering.
War Of The Roses Marathon: 2 Girls, 1 Phone CordWhat happens when we get a guy, his girlfriend, AND his mistress on the phone? Let's find out!
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Blacked Out"Anna's friend Paul put the moves on her the other day. Problem is, he has a girlfriend. When we offer Roses, will he take girl #1 or girl #2?
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Online Sweetheart"Sometimes War gets real and when Sara calls us about her hubby Chase, it is the realest.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Welcome to the Modern AgeCara and Steven have been together for 8 years, and she feels like the relationship is changing.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Just Like Maple SyrupLauren's best friend Cali saw Lauren's husband on Tinder. Insead of calling Lauren, she's calling us to get to the bottom of it.
War of the Roses Marathon: "Don't Get With My Friends"Mike is concerned his girlfriend Sarah is getting distant. Are his friends to blame?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Going Right to The SourceSarah and her boyfriend Christopher had a rough patch a while back when she caught him cheating. He says it's over, but she's not so sure. So instead of calling him, we are calling her.
Would You End a 3 Year Relationship Over This?Lisa's boyfriend might not be taking his dog where he says he is.
War Of The Roses Marathon: An Early ConfessionBridget thinks her man Cody might be making eyes at a co-worker. Her concerns might be premature.

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