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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Don’t Get With My Friends”

Mike is concerned his girlfriend Sarah is getting distant. Are his friends to blame?

Mix 104.1–05/22/2015


We Have a Special War Of The Roses Update!

Karson and Kennedy got in touch with Amber, who was part of a past War Of The Roses we did, and she gave us an update on her and her then boyfriend A.J’s situation. Have a […]

Mix 104.1–05/20/2015

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War Of The Roses: In Love With His Leading Lady

Tiffany and Adam are trying out a long distance relationship while he’s away at school, but it seems he’s spending more time with babes than his books.

Mix 104.1–05/19/2015

(Karson/Best Buddies)

Have Your Lady Play With Tom Brady!

Leave a voice mail describing why your lady deserves to play with Tom Brady. We play the best calls on the air and the winners get to play in the flag football game and maybe catch a pass from Tom Brady!

Mix 104.1–05/18/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “The Hairdresser”

Rebecca thinks Austin is cheating on Susan. So rather than ask one of them, she’s asking us.

Mix 104.1–05/18/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Going Right To The Source”

Sarah & her boyfriend Christopher had a rough patch awhile back when she caught him cheating. He says it’s over, she’s not so sure, so instead of calling him, we are calling her.

Mix 104.1–05/15/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: Waitress Wants Her Man

Cara accidentally logged into her boyfriend John’s Facebook page and saw something that made her click “dislike”.

Mix 104.1–05/13/2015

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Let Me Think About That Marriage Proposal

Matt proposed to his girlfriend this weekend and he expected a resounding yes. Sadly, his girlfriend’s response was “well, let me think about it”.

Mix 104.1–05/12/2015

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War Of The Roses: “Stacy’s Mom”

Kelly took her boyfriend Matt to meet her dad and his new younger wife. However, it looks like he’s trying a little too hard to be “part of the family”.

Mix 104.1–05/11/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: An Early Confession

Bridget thinks her man Cody might be making eyes at a co-worker. Her concerns might be premature.

Mix 104.1–05/08/2015