War Of The Roses: Unintentional MistressSydney thinks her boyfriend Billy is sending out weird signals. Does the signal read stop, go, or married?
War Of The Roses Marathon: He Should Have Answered His PhoneIt's not about who he sends them to, but who answers the phone!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Come Into My OfficeCasey's husband Jay is spending a lot of time at work, but she thinks his boss might be working him late for her own "special project".
War Of The Roses: Craigslist Situations WantedWhat do you do when you think your boyfriend has answered a "situations wanted" Craigslist ad? Call for Shelly!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Who's My Plus One?Lindsay has been dating Tim for about a year, but she thinks the end is near.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Drunken I Love YouCara said 'I love you' to her man Todd in a drunken moment. But now she wants to take it back.
War Of The Roses Marathon: ShowgirlsChrissy thinks something might be up with her new boyfriend because she hasn't met any of his friends.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Just Hooking UpMegan's concerned that she might just be a booty call for her new man, and she might be right.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Slimming Down and Moving OnChelsea's man recently lost a bunch of weight with a personal trainer, and she's worried he's doing more than just pumping iron.
War Of The Roses Marathon: The Open RelationshipAngel and Scott just got engaged, but she's already concerned he's stepping out. Or is she?
War Of The Roses: She Ain't Heavy, She's My SisterHell hath no fury like Maria's sister Chrissy when she thinks her boyfriend Paul is stepping out!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Don't Forget The Veggie Dip!Katie has been checking her boyfriend's emails, and what she finds may be more lolz than lust.

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