War Of The Roses: Who’s The Boss

Aliza wants to take charge of her relationship with Jason, but she’s about to find out who’s really the boss.

Mix 104.1–09/26/2014

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses Marathon: It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer

Shawn & her boyfriend Tim used to be hot. But has his love turned chilly?

Mix 104.1–09/24/2014

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War of the Roses: eUnharmony

Karlynn is concerned by some mail she found when paying bills. Will her boyfriend Jason have an explanation or will he strike out?


(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses Marathon: Finger Licking Good

Derek wants us to call his co-worker Mary to see if she’s being faithful or if she’s been running afoul of him.

Mix 104.1–09/19/2014

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

New In The Mix: Sam Smith – “I’m Not The Only One”

Our Music Director, Mike Mullaney, predicts Sam Smith will sweep the Grammys this year. Watch the heartbreaking video for his new single, “I’m Not the Only One.”


(Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann starred in 'The Other Woman,' which is basically the movie version of this real-life story. Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

3 Women Call Out a Cheating Boyfriend

No, this isn’t the plot of ‘The Other Woman.’ Well, it is, but it also happened in real life.


(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses Marathon: I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman

Ann is concerned that as she is in Boston setting up her new apartment for her and her man Rich, that he has been having relations with “Lindsey.”

Mix 104.1–09/16/2014

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses: Laid Up

Donna thinks her boyfriend Mike may be cheating on her while he’s away on business. Don’t be surprised if by the end of the call, someone is crying for their mama.

Mix 104.1–09/12/2014

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses Marathon: Call me Danger, Carlos Danger

Chelsea’s boyfriend Gage has been on his phone more than usual. Is he working or working it?

Mix 104.1–09/10/2014

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses Marathon: Meet The Mets

Anthony wants to take the next step in his relationship with Kayla. Is there another guy? Nope! There are 9!

Mix 104.1–09/09/2014



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