War Of The Roses Marathon: The Loneliest Woman In BostonElizabeth thinks that her boyfriend Steve is spending a little too much time with her best friend.
War of the Roses Marathon: Who In Hell is Pooh BearEmily's husband Chris says that he's been spending more and more time at the gym. But has he really just found a new workout partner?
War Of The Roses Update: The RoommateWe caught up with Amanda to see how things were going with her boyfriend Adam.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Flirtin' Over Frozen CoffeeKelly thought her boyfriend Tom's eyes might be wandering. But even though he sends her roses, she's still not happy.
War Of The Roses: High School CrazyAmanda and Austen recently went to their high school reunion together, and left separately.
War of the Roses Marathon: The Silver FoxVeronica called us about her boyfriend, then proceeded to make this the most confusing roses we've ever done.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Netflix and ChillShawn's boyfriend Todd is looking for someone just like him, who likes to lay around and chill.
War of the Roses Marathon: Daddy's Little GirlJessica is worried that her Dad may be up to no good. If this call doesn't go right, she may have to go cry to Mommy.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Flowers For A FianceKaren is recently engaged but she feels that her fiance might be getting cold feet.
War Of The Roses: The RoommateAmanda invited her friend Analise to move in with her, but it seems like her boyfriend Adam is being a little too welcoming.
War of the Roses Marathon: Voulez-Vous Cuche Avez Moi?Scott's wife Alex is learning French, but Scott is worried she's conjugating more than verbs.
War of the Roses Marathon: Text Gone WrongRobin got a text from her boyfriend James thanking her for an amazing night. After she spent the night home alone.

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