War Of The Roses Marathon: He's Been Dating AroundJamie Lynn is concerned that there is trouble in her long distance relationship. But is there even a relationship to be worried about?
War Of The Roses: At The Car Wash YeahNo good deed goes unpunished.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Out Of A Job, Out Of A ManDanielle's husband Jason hasn't been giving her the support she needs. Is it because he's supporting someone else?
War Of The Roses: Amazon Dot What?Casey's hubby Carmen has been ordering lots of gifts from Amazon. Problem is...they aren't being delivered.
War Of The Roses Marathon: To B Or Not To BNicole found a necklace in her boyfriend's couch that isn't hers.
War Of The Roses Marathon: The B-LineLisa's husband Steve strayed 10 years ago and she's worried that he's back to his old ways.
War Of The Roses Marathon: I'm Yelling TinderBrandi found some apps on her husband's phone that led her to believe he's cheating. Will she swipe right or swipe left?
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun"Kristen is worried that her boyfriend Aaron is looking elsewhere for love. Will our call have her seeing double?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Sister SisterChrissy is worried that her man's eyes are wandering. Problem is they are wandering to her sister!
War Of The Roses: Sister, SisterChrissy is worried her man's eyes are wondering.
War Of The Roses Marathon: One RuleLaura thinks her boyfriend Doug is spending too much time at the office. Is he working at his desk or playing under it?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Florence & The Mad DreamNick's girlfriend Alliah is a nurse. He's worried she might be giving more than TLC.

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