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MBQ: What Do You and Your Significant Other Fight About Most?

Matthew’s Burning Question: What Do You and Your Significant Other Fight About Most? New research says one in four married couples admit that they argue over the thermostat. One person wants the AC on in […]


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MBQ: What’s Your #1 Time Waster?

Matthew’s Burning Question: What do you waste too much of your time on? Ever wondered how much of your life you’ve wasted looking at your friends’ baby photos and food updates on Facebook?  Well, now […]



MBQ: Snapped Any Cool Boston Snow Pics?

Here we go again. Another blizzard for parts of the Boston area. And, while it may be a pain in the butt, it sure does make for some pretty awesome pictures. My friend Brian put […]


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MBQ: Britney Handles Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Champ, Have You Ever Had One?

Matthew’s Burning Question: Have You Ever Had  A Wardrobe Malfunction? Britney Spears had her zipper pop on the back of her ringmaster outfit during her Circus performance out in Vegas. She didn’t miss a beat, […]


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MBQ: If I Had More Free Time, I’d __________?

New study came out that says how much free time the average person has and what they do with it. Here’s how it broke down: 10.  Listening to, or playing, music, 7% 9.  Gardening, 7% […]


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MBQ: What’s the one Christmas song you NEVER want to hear EVER, EVER again?

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. There are some awesome Christmas songs, some good Christmas songs that we’re just tired of and some Christmas songs that should have never been recorded. So, what […]


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MBQ: Ever Injure Yourself While Decorating For The Holidays?

New report says more than 15,000 people went to the EMERGENCY ROOM last year from Christmas decorating injuries! One out of three of those were from FALLS. 11% were from cuts. 10% were from people […]



MBQ: Funniest Christmas Movie?

Christmas Vacation, Elf, A Christmas Story or Home Alone? Or write one in… Matthew’s Burning Question: What’s the funniest Christmas movie, ever? The one you HAVE to see every year and still makes you laugh […]



MBQ: Who’s YOUR Most Fascinating Person Of 2013 And Why?

Matthew’s Burning Question: Who’s YOUR Most Fascinating Person Of 2013 And Why? BARBARA WALTERS has revealed nine of the 10 names on her annual “Most Fascinating People of the Year” list.  They include:  Miley Cyrus, […]


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MBQ: What Makes You Angry–In EXACTLY 5 Words?

I heard Karson & Kennedy talking about this and thought I needed to ask the Boston night people this, as well… MBQ: What makes YOU angry–in EXACTLY five words? Listen, the holidays are stressful. You’ve […]