Should Significant Others Be In The Family Picture?Salt's brother congratulated him on his new girlfriend, but made a comment that ticked him off a little.
Dump Or Date: Sounds Like A JaneShould she dump or date this high-pitched hot guy?
War Of The Roses: Top 5 DouchesMaggie's boyfriend Larry is best man in a wedding she is not invited to. Is he acting dishonorably with the maid of honor?
Update: Salt Meeting the Parents!Listen to hear what Sarah's dad thought about Salt!
I'm a Dumbass: Proposal FlopPhil forgot one important thing in this whole proposal plan...
Dump Or Date: Halloween HorrorWill Kat run away screaming or start preparing for October 31st?
Karson & Kennedy's Intern Kyra and Her Boyfriend "Need To Talk"Intern Kyra had the infamous talk the other day with her boyfriend due to his ghost like actions...
War Of The Roses: Keep It In The ClosetAmber thinks her boyfriend is hiding something. Will we find out what it is or will he keep it in the closet?
Karson & Kennedy Play "Guess The Ex"Can you guess who's ex?
Dump Or Date: The LaughYou either love it or you hate it: an obnoxious laugh. But will this girl's howl be a deal breaker for Cassie?
War Of The Roses: Play On PlayahDana found her current boyfriend Gary still on Tinder. Is there a reasonable explanation or will this relationship go up in flames?
Keeping It In The FamilyDoย you say "ick" or "aww"?

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