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MBQ: If I Had More Free Time, I’d __________?

New study came out that says how much free time the average person has and what they do with it. Here’s how it broke down: 10.  Listening to, or playing, music, 7% 9.  Gardening, 7% […]


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MBQ: Ever Injure Yourself While Decorating For The Holidays?

New report says more than 15,000 people went to the EMERGENCY ROOM last year from Christmas decorating injuries! One out of three of those were from FALLS. 11% were from cuts. 10% were from people […]



MBQ: Who Do You Need To UNFRIEND? We’re Here To Help

Do you need a Facebook intervention? Is there someone you’re friends with that you just can’t seem to click the “unfriend” button on? We’re here to help. According to a new survey, 34% of people […]


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MBQ: What’d YOU See Another Driver Doing Behind The Wheel?

So, I’m driving in to the studio tonight, coming down Comm Ave, I merge onto Brighton Ave, when I notice a Prius weaving a little. I look over at the driver and see her right […]



Matthew’s Burning Question: Who Do You Feel Most Obligated To TIP? Least?

New survey says 2 out of 5 people NEVER leave money in the tip jar at a coffee shop or take out restaurant. But there are times we feel like we really SHOULD tip. 87% […]



Matthew’s Burning Question: What do your co-workers do that ANNOYS you most?

So, I walk into the unisex bathroom down the hall from the MIX studio and somebody hadn’t flushed! Really? Wrong on so many levels… First, it’s GROSS! Second, it’s LAZY! Third, it’s pathetic and lame… […]