Can't Beat Kennedy: Colleen From NortonCan Colleen beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
I "Liked" That By Accident!Sure. Ya, we believe you. Happens to me too...the mouse clicks "like" on fb "by accident" all the time!
Would Finding a Secret Social Media Account End Your Relationship?Jessica's boyfriend has a secret social media account that she JUST found out about, and they've been together for over a year.
Facebook Fights: NH Concert ConundrumMichelle has a huge problem with her local concert venue's new policy, so she took to Facebook to vent.
Facebook Fights: Reckless Game Requests In ReadingHow do you deal with game requests on Facebook? Here's how they do it in Reading.
Kennedy's Ex Boyfriend De-Friended Her on Facebook!Kennedy and The Mountain have decided to call it quits, and in the midst of the break-up he de-friended her on Facebook.
Facebook Fights: Go Fund Me FiascoDebra thinks she needs a Go Fund Me page because her wrinkles are causing her severe depression. Sadly, she is the only one.
Kennedy Confronts a Guy Who Left an Inappropriate Facebook CommentYou won't believe the turn the conversation took!
Facebook Fights: Kelly Doesn't Like Your Poo PicturesIt's a new episode of Facebook Fights! This week Kelly is ranting about poo and things get heated from there.
Facebook Fights: Patrick Really Doesn't Like KidsFacebook Fights is back!
You Need To Hear Meghan Trainor's "No" Mashed With Britney Spears' "Overprotected"You will want to listen to this mashup on repeat.
Teacher Talks Smack About Student Who Missed SchoolKennedy's friend's son has been out of school for 2 days with a doctors note and apparently his teacher talked smack about him to the class.

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