Facebook Fights: Not So Thankful ThanksgivingShanna was not a fan of her family on Thanksgiving, so she decided to vent about it on the one social media platform her family uses.
Facebook Fights: Bad Dinner GuestsChad feels like his friends aren't fun anymore. He decided to rant about it on Facebook and it backfired...
War of the Roses Marathon: Is It Pete or Is It Jim?Laura's having doubts about her hubby Pete. She found his Facebook page, but his name is Jim.
Welcome To 2016 Where People Would Rather Livestream Hurricane Matthew Than Evacuate!Are all the likes really worth it?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Linda From LeominsterCan Linda beat Kennedy?
Facebook Fight: Haters Gonna HateSome people can't stand to see others happy, and this Facebook Fight is all about haters hating!
Has Your Kid Ever Gone To Great Lengths To Avoid A Punishment?Hear what loopholes these kids came up with to get out of a punishment!
Facebook Fight: Cheater, CheaterToday's Facebook Fight is all about cheating....from 15 years ago. Take a listen!
Facebook Fights: The GoFundMe HustleThis week, Lucy is fighting with her friends over a GoFundMe page she created for her divorce.
Facebook Fights: Don't Attack My Grand-Baby!Gert is not happy about people on Facebook "attacking" her grand-baby.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Colleen From NortonCan Colleen beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
I "Liked" That By Accident!Sure. Ya, we believe you. Happens to me too...the mouse clicks "like" on fb "by accident" all the time!

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