ANAHEIM - 1989:  Lon Ranger crushes cars during the monster truck rally at Anaheim Stadium in 1989 in Anaheim, California.  Photo by: Tim Defrisco/Getty Images

The Guy’s Best Friend Slept With His Ex – So He Destroyed His Friend’s Car and Posted It on Facebook

Love makes people do crazy things sometimes. This guy was so devastated that his best friend slept with his ex he crushed the guy’s car with his truck – and posted the whole thing on Facebook.


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Woburn Man Captures Northern Lights From Field In New Hampshire

Youvathana Sok from Woburn, MA headed north last night hoping he might catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis–and boy, did he ever! Check out his incredible time-lapse video captured on his GoPro Hero4 from […]


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Can Pets Be Considered Children?

Andrea gave us a call to share her opinions on an article that Kennedy posted on her Facebook page.

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15 Seconds - Sydney Bourbeau

15 Seconds Of Fame – Sydney Bourbeau (Ed Sheeran Surprises Teen In Mall FULL VIDEO) | Thinking Out Loud

Tonight’s 15 Seconds of Fame captures an amazing moment where Ed Sheeran surprises Canadian teenage singer Sydney Bourbeau while she’s singing his song Thinking Out Loud. Ed walks on stage at about halfway through her performance and […]


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Has Your Child Ever Given Him or Herself a Haircut?

Salt came across a picture on Facebook of a little girl who had taken it upon herself to cut her own hair. Understandably, the mother didn’t know what to do.

Mix 104.1–06/15/2015

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Is This Guy Creepy Or Romantic?

Matthew called Karson and Kennedy this morning because he cannot figure out why his genuinely nice gesture on a first date was taken as creepy and “stalkerish.”

Mix 104.1–06/11/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: Waitress Wants Her Man

Cara accidentally logged into her boyfriend John’s Facebook page and saw something that made her click “dislike”.

Mix 104.1–05/13/2015

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He Left FB Open, She Snooped And Put Him “In The Doghouse”!!

This Doghouse story employs ‘fun with technology’ to protect the guilty!! A guy called in because his wife put him “In The Doghouse.” He left his facebook account open and was having, in his words, […]

Mix 104.1–04/28/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Is It Pete Or Is It Jim”

Laura’s having doubts about her hubby Pete. Why? The name on his Facebook page is “Jim”.

Mix 104.1–04/08/2015


Women’s Group Claims “C-Section’s Aren’t Giving Birth”

There is a group of women on Facebook who say that having a C-Section isn’t really giving birth. They also claim that women who have natural childbirths are “superior women”.

Mix 104.1–04/06/2015