Welcome To 2016 Where People Would Rather Livestream Hurricane Matthew Than Evacuate!Are all the likes really worth it?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Linda From LeominsterCan Linda beat Kennedy?
Facebook Fight: Haters Gonna HateSome people can't stand to see others happy, and this Facebook Fight is all about haters hating!
Has Your Kid Ever Gone To Great Lengths To Avoid A Punishment?Hear what loopholes these kids came up with to get out of a punishment!
Facebook Fight: Cheater, CheaterToday's Facebook Fight is all about cheating....from 15 years ago. Take a listen!
Facebook Fights: The GoFundMe HustleThis week, Lucy is fighting with her friends over a GoFundMe page she created for her divorce.
Facebook Fights: Don't Attack My Grand-Baby!Gert is not happy about people on Facebook "attacking" her grand-baby.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Colleen From NortonCan Colleen beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
I "Liked" That By Accident!Sure. Ya, we believe you. Happens to me too...the mouse clicks "like" on fb "by accident" all the time!
Would Finding a Secret Social Media Account End Your Relationship?Jessica's boyfriend has a secret social media account that she JUST found out about, and they've been together for over a year.
Facebook Fights: NH Concert ConundrumMichelle has a huge problem with her local concert venue's new policy, so she took to Facebook to vent.
Facebook Fights: Reckless Game Requests In ReadingHow do you deal with game requests on Facebook? Here's how they do it in Reading.

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