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War Of The Roses Marathon: Waitress Wants Her Man

Cara accidentally logged into her boyfriend John’s Facebook page and saw something that made her click “dislike”.

Mix 104.1–05/13/2015

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He Left FB Open, She Snooped And Put Him “In The Doghouse”!!

This Doghouse story employs ‘fun with technology’ to protect the guilty!! A guy called in because his wife put him “In The Doghouse.” He left his facebook account open and was having, in his words, […]

Mix 104.1–04/28/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Is It Pete Or Is It Jim”

Laura’s having doubts about her hubby Pete. Why? The name on his Facebook page is “Jim”.

Mix 104.1–04/08/2015


Women’s Group Claims “C-Section’s Aren’t Giving Birth”

There is a group of women on Facebook who say that having a C-Section isn’t really giving birth. They also claim that women who have natural childbirths are “superior women”.

Mix 104.1–04/06/2015

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Wicked Wake Up Call: You’re Too Boring!

Kristen thought she had the job…until Alicia Love called to let her know there has been a change of heart because her Facebook page is too boring.

Mix 104.1–04/02/2015

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Are You Facebook Friends With Your Boss?

Arkansas is trying to pass a bill that forces employees to be friends with their bosses on social media in order to prevent slander.

Mix 104.1–03/25/2015

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Who’s In The Dog House?: The Girl’s Mine..Hands Off!!

The night out started innocent enough…Lena and her guy friends hittin’ the town. All was good until pictures from the night were posted on facebook and showed one of Lena’s male friends putting his arm […]

Mix 104.1–03/17/2015


Can’t Beat Kennedy: Lisa From Attleboro

Can Lisa from Attleboro beat Kennedy?

Mix 104.1–03/11/2015

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Facebook Let’s You “Feel Fat”

Facebook has added a “feeling fat” emoji to its status updates and it has been met quite a bit of animosity. Listen here to find out how everybody feels!

Mix 104.1–03/10/2015


Wicked Wake Up Call: Let It Go

Miranda has kept pictures of her ex up online, so Salt calls her to let her know that it’s time for her to take them down and let it go.

Mix 104.1–03/04/2015