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Grandmaster Flash Confused Grandmas on Facebook

Grandparents keep accidentally tagging Grandmaster Flash on Facebook. See some hilarious posts and Grandmaster Flash’s reaction.



Can’t Beat Kennedy: Mederice

Can Mederice “lick” Salt?

Mix 104.1–09/05/2014

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Have You Been Hitting Your Data Limit? It’s Facebook’s Fault and We’ve Got the Fix!

Facebook has added a feature that is draining your data by default. Learn how to disable it here!


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Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Selfies?

Can selfies be productive, or are they all just taken in vain? Listen as the K&K crew break down the different categories of selfies.

Mix 104.1–08/29/2014

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What’s Your Facebook Faux Pas?

Matthew Reid was on Facebook the other night when he saw a friend of his posted an update that included a girl from high school that Matthew hasn’t seen in ages, so of course he was a little curious to see what she was up to.



Can’t Beat Kennedy: Jay From Brockton

Can Jay from Brockton beat Kennedy?

Mix 104.1–08/06/2014

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Would You Delete The Pictures Of Your Ex For Your New Relationship?

What would you do if your new boyfriend of a couple of months still has pictures of his ex girlfriend all over his Facebook page, including his profile picture?

Mix 104.1–08/06/2014

(Mix 104.1)

Karson & Kennedy: Salt’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Social media is getting a bit icy these days. The Ice Bucket Challenge is a phenomenon sweeping Facebook where “challengers” dump a bucket of ice and water over their heads to raise awareness for ALS – also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Mix 104.1–08/05/2014

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Would You Publicly Shame Your Teenager If They Were Acting Out Of Line?

This woman took away her daughter’s Katy Perry tickets for being a “brat”, and then shared what she did on social media. Did she take it too far?

Mix 104.1–08/04/2014

(Mix 104.1)

Salt’s Facebook Rant About His Facial Hair

Salt had simply been pushed too far. Over and over again he was getting comments from listeners and friends a like criticizing and telling him to shave his beard. So he took to Facebook and gave everyone a piece of his mind.

Mix 104.1–07/21/2014



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