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Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Selfies?

Can selfies be productive, or are they all just taken in vain? Listen as the K&K crew break down the different categories of selfies.

Mix 104.1–08/29/2014

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What’s Your Facebook Faux Pas?

Matthew Reid was on Facebook the other night when he saw a friend of his posted an update that included a girl from high school that Matthew hasn’t seen in ages, so of course he was a little curious to see what she was up to.



Can’t Beat Kennedy: Jay From Brockton

Can Jay from Brockton beat Kennedy?

Mix 104.1–08/06/2014

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Would You Delete The Pictures Of Your Ex For Your New Relationship?

What would you do if your new boyfriend of a couple of months still has pictures of his ex girlfriend all over his Facebook page, including his profile picture?

Mix 104.1–08/06/2014

(Mix 104.1)

Karson & Kennedy: Salt’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Social media is getting a bit icy these days. The Ice Bucket Challenge is a phenomenon sweeping Facebook where “challengers” dump a bucket of ice and water over their heads to raise awareness for ALS – also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Mix 104.1–08/05/2014

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Would You Publicly Shame Your Teenager If They Were Acting Out Of Line?

This woman took away her daughter’s Katy Perry tickets for being a “brat”, and then shared what she did on social media. Did she take it too far?

Mix 104.1–08/04/2014

(Mix 104.1)

Salt’s Facebook Rant About His Facial Hair

Salt had simply been pushed too far. Over and over again he was getting comments from listeners and friends a like criticizing and telling him to shave his beard. So he took to Facebook and gave everyone a piece of his mind.

Mix 104.1–07/21/2014


Would You Be Mad At Your Boyfriend For Liking Another Girl’s Facebook Pictures?

One of Karson’s friends got in trouble with his girlfriend because he liked another girl’s picture on Facebook. Do you think she has a solid reason for being mad, or is she just being jealous over nothing?

Mix 104.1–06/23/2014

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Is It Creepy To Add A Stranger On Facebook?

Salt met a girl at the Celebrity Waiter event and they clicked but he forgot to get her number. So he went on Facebook, tracked her down, and sent her a friend request, all with only knowing her first name! Is that creepy?

Mix 104.1–06/17/2014

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What If Facebook Could Pinpoint “When Things Went Wrong” In Your Life? [VIDEO]

Where did things go wrong? Maybe Facebook knows…




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