Karson's Nightmares!Karson had a nightmare! No, it was not about monsters... but maybe a monster-in-law?
Family Activities: Pot-Smoking!?!Would you ever smoke with your children?
Eavesdropping On Your ChildrenWhat have you learned from eavesdropping!?
Should Children Inherit Fortunes?Gordon Ramsay is not giving his money to his children... Is this a Jerk move?
Facebook Fight: Get OutHank wants to go to the movies, just not with his girlfriend...
Grandma Judges TattoosDo you have a tattoo? What does your family think about it?
I'm a Dumbass: Drone DisasterColby bought a drone for his son, but broke it before giving it to him.
Should Significant Others Be In The Family Picture?Salt's brother congratulated him on his new girlfriend, but made a comment that ticked him off a little.
Update: Salt Meeting the Parents!Listen to hear what Sarah's dad thought about Salt!
Did You Ever Prank Your Siblings?When Karson & Kennedy interviewed The Band Perry they talked about some sibling pranking while on the road.
Keeping It In The FamilyDoyou say "ick" or "aww"?
Franzia's Family Viewing HourTuesday nights is family TV night at the Franzia household... But last night, Franzia was watching her parents more than the show!

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