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You Do What While Watching TV??!!

We all have a little oddity that makes us unique…this is where we judge you for it! ;) Take a listen and judge for yourself! Follow Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, & Amanda Giles on Facebook, […]

Mix 104.1–19 hours ago

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Somethin’ Stinks!!

You know that catchy kid tune beans, beans the musical fruit, etc.. Well, this collection of OOPS moments should be the footnote to that song – never trust a toot!! Follow Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, […]

Mix 104.1–07/30/2015

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She Opened The Doghouse Door…But He Walked Right In!

Who’s in The Doghouse is upto you on this one! Some thought Meghan should be in, some thought her boyfriend should be! The story starts with Meghan being a trusting partner. She allowed her boyfriend […]

Mix 104.1–07/27/2015


You’ll Never Believe What Gregg’s Daughter Said!

Out of the mouth of babes! Where do kids pick up this stuff? Take a listen to what Gregg NEEDS to get for his daughter..! Follow Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, & Amanda Giles on Facebook, […]

Mix 104.1–07/22/2015

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He Said.. She Said.. But She Drove!

Have you ever solicited the opinion of others to find out who’s right, or in this case..Who’s In the Doghouse?! Well, Hillary called in because she and her husband had a little spat over who […]

Mix 104.1–07/21/2015


Mix Beach House: Kelly Clarkson On Recording an Album While Pregnant

Kelly Clarkson took the time to hang out at the Mix Beach House on Cape Cod on Friday to talk about everything that’s been going on with her.


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Gavin DeGraw Remembers Being a Broke Student Living in Fenway

Our buddy Gavin DeGraw stopped by the studio today and talked with Gregg & Fred about his memories of Boston and Fenway Park, and coming back to play there with Billy Joel last year.


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Imagine this…2 Superstar athletes, from different sports, team up to record an album all about their love of …Dunkin’ Donuts?! Yup, ONLY IN BOSTON!! Gregg and Fred had exclusive access to “Big Papi” David Ortiz […]

Mix 104.1–07/07/2015

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Gregg, Freddy & Amanda: Aly Raisman Bares All In ESPN Magazine “Body Issue”

We’re seeing a whole lot of her in the latest edition of ESPN Magazine – the Body Issue.



#LoveWins #LoveIsLove #WickedProud

It’s not “Gay Marriage” anymore. It’s simply MARRIAGE! Huge news today as The Supreme Court legalized Marriage Equality in The United States. Our very own Fast Freddy Murphy has been OUT & PROUD & very […]

Mix 104.1–06/26/2015