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#LoveWins #LoveIsLove #WickedProud

It’s not “Gay Marriage” anymore. It’s simply MARRIAGE! Huge news today as The Supreme Court legalized Marriage Equality in The United States. Our very own Fast Freddy Murphy has been OUT & PROUD & very […]

Mix 104.1–06/26/2015

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Never Too Young To Join The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Gregg’s young daughter Kaia may not exactly understand the slogan …but the thought is there, and that’s what counts! In the month of May, Boston hosted the #Avon39 Walk to End Breast Cancer. We put […]

Mix 104.1–06/26/2015

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Road Trip Pit Stop ..In The Doghouse?! You Decide!

This is one of the funniest, craziest Doghouse stories we’ve ever had! This couple was on a road trip and in the middle of the Southern States they stopped for gas. Girl was sleeping in […]

Mix 104.1–06/22/2015

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  We all have ’em, Boston!  This is where we share ’em…those awkward moments where all that’s left to say is ..OOPS!!    

Mix 104.1–06/17/2015


Is It Normal To Not Know How To Ride A Bike?!

  That was one of the Normal Or Not questions today!  She was an adult, and could do other outdoor activities…but just never learned how to ride a bike!  We all have quirky things that […]

Mix 104.1–06/12/2015


Kids Say The Darnedest Things!

Mix Music Director, Mike Mullaney had a hilarious and relate-able story from his 4th grade son that just had to be told on air!  

Mix 104.1–06/09/2015


Call The Cops! Someone’s Throwing Trash In My Trash Barrell ..wait, what?!

Some say it’s crime…others say it’s preposterous…but Wellesley’s boys in blue respond to every “distress” call. No matter the “crime” they are there to protect and serve and undoubtedly laugh from time to time. It’s […]

Mix 104.1–06/05/2015


Sam Smith Spotted In Salem!…Johnny Depp Was Here Filming..What’s Your Celebrity Encounter?!

Sam Smith spent the day in Salem touring our Witch City…and it got us thinking of Celebrity Encounters! One guy called in to tell us about his lunch in a Burlington sub shop. He was […]

Mix 104.1–06/04/2015

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Wife #1, Meets Wife #2 #WickedAwkward

We all get into weird predicaments and scenarios. But being with your second wife and running into your first….probably is up there. You decide if he should be In The Doghouse for referring to them […]

Mix 104.1–06/02/2015



If you were caught red handed robbing from a store..would you go back?! Well, this one guy in Wellesley just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t welcome to continue shopping there! Really?!! Oh yes, that story […]

Mix 104.1–05/29/2015