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Someone Stole My Godiva!

Crime is crime. But in Wellesley it’s usually more like a misdemeanor. In today’s “Wellesley Police Blotter”, the men in blue have to deal with a major offense…stolen chocolate!! Follow Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, & […]

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Sorry, But I’m Selling The Properties …Your Entire Family Lives In!

Some just are drama magnets! And this woman’s whole family is getting sucked in!! The landlord of her longtime residence let’s her know that he’s selling the building, soon. Then to add insult to injury…he […]

Mix 104.1–05/20/2015

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No Water All Weekend ‘Cause Plumbers Are $$$ On A Sunday!

Home repairs happen. And usually you try and take the necessary steps as quickly as possible to fix the problem, right?! Well, not this guy! His wife put him “In The Doghouse” for holding out […]

Mix 104.1–05/20/2015


Hozier Tells Gregg & Freddy The Right Way To Pronounce His Name, Discusses Taylor Swift

“What’s very impressive about Taylor Swift is that she’s authentically and genuinely excited about new music,” Hozier told Gregg Daniels and Fast Freddy.


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Can A Priest Be Put In The Doghouse?!

We can’t make this stuff up… A woman called in with a story about ‘found’ money. It happened to be found on the grounds of her church. So she did the right thing and asked […]

Mix 104.1–05/12/2015


Minor Annoyances Are A.K.A. Crime, In Wellesley

The whole gang was at it this week…Muffy, Buffy and Biff Jr.! Only in Wellesley kids, only in Wellesley… Follow Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, & Amanda Giles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Call us in […]

Mix 104.1–05/11/2015

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Can’t Hide “Passing Gas” …Even Near A Dumpster! OOPS!!

We’ve all been there. Your stomach starts growling, and you know you need to ‘take a walk’ …and it usually works. You walk away feeling better and undetected. Until that special someone, with a special […]

Mix 104.1–05/06/2015

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Doghouse Or Not: Sick Kid At Home Doesn’t Mean Dad Can Play

It hasn’t happened before…but that doesn’t mean no punishment. It was a slim margin for today’s Doghouse tale of relationship trouble…listen for yourself and see if you would put this guy “In The Doghouse!” Follow […]

Mix 104.1–05/05/2015


My Wine Is Gone! Call The Cops!!

“Cops! Come quick, wine was stolen out of my car!” Finally a worthy call to the Wellesley Police Department ;) Listen for more Wellesley capers, every Friday at 5:40 …the Wellesley Police Blotter, on Mix […]

Mix 104.1–05/01/2015


30+ Bottles of Cologne …Totally Normal, Right?! Not!!

Really tho, that is normal?! Being ‘not normal’ is the best way to tell that you are, NORMAL!! However..there are some not-normal quirks that are a a bit more not-normal than others…such as sniffing cups […]

Mix 104.1–05/01/2015