15 Seconds Of Fame - Samantha Harvey | Purple Rain (Makeup #BBMAs Prince Tribute)Who did it better? Madonna or tonight's 15 Seconds artist Samantha Harvey who makes music in her bedroom?
Afternoon Drive: Baby NightmaresGregg has been taking advantage of every spare moment he has to catch up on his sleep, but Freddy has other ideas.
Afternoon Drive: Cat CallsFresh off paternity leave, Gregg Daniels returns with Fast Freddy for another edition of the Afternoon Drive video series.
Afternoon Drive: Baby Test RunGregg Daniels' wife, Dinara is due any day now with Baby #2, so of course Uncle Fred wants to make sure Papa Gregg is ready for anything when the time comes.
Afternoon Drive: Gregg & Freddy On Opening Day & SnowIt's Opening Day for the Boys of Summer, even though it's bordering on blizzard-like conditions out there today.
Busted By The Bunny!Ahh, the annual harbinger of Spring...the mall Easter Bunny, captured the attention of Gregg's daughter Kaia. Unfortunatley the Easter Bunny has rules. And our very own Gregg Daniels may have broken one of them!
Backstage Shenanigans At The 58th Annual GRAMMY AwardsThis year, we gave Salt a GoPro camera and told him to go nuts. We may end up regretting it a little.
"All I Saw Was Red.."Video taping private moments, almost always end with an 'oops' !
Only in Wellesley!Sure, things can get stolen from any town at any time. But it just seems a little too perfect that bottles of $100 wine were stolen from a store in Wellesley.
Things You Never Say To A Pregnant LadySome phrases have the ability to stop you in your tracks. Gregg found out the hard way!
Dating: #TheStruggleIsRealNever fails. You meet someone and they are great! Until, they aren't. Do you go on another date to give 'em another chance...or do you cut your losses?
Take Your Vacation ..IN THE DOGHOUSE!If you have kids, you've probably been put in this situation. One parent is left to take care of the kids, while the other gets to go out and enjoy being an adult. The rest of the story is debatable. Factors: a chipped tooth, not manning up when hungover, and being on vacation! Take a listen and see if you would be him In The Doghouse! <em>Follow Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, & Amanda Giles on <a href="https://www.facebook.com/GreggOnMix" target="_blank">Facebook</a>, <a href="http://twitter.com/greggfredamanda" target="_blank">Twitter</a>, and <a href="https://instagram.com/greggfredamanda/" target="_blank">Instagram</a>. Call us in studio anytime to share your story 617-931-1234, or email Gregg at gdaniels@mix1041.com. Listen to us weekday afternoons from 2pm-7pm on Mix 104.1 and on the <a href="http://apps.radio.com" target="_blank">Radio.com</a> app.</em>

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