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(Photo courtesy Clay Buchholz Foundation)

Life as a Red Sox Wife – Interview with Lindsay Buchholz

Gregg Daniels & Fast Freddy talk to the wife of Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz about living with a famous athlete, and the Hope Bowl fundraiser for the Clay Buchholz Foundation. Find out how you can participate on Twitter and Instagram.


(Photo: d.graham/flickr)

Wellesley Police Blotter: Kids Aren’t Playing Nice!

If a gentleman overstays his welcome or the kids aren’t playing nice in the schoolyard…in Wellesley, you call the COPS!


Storm damage in Revere on 7/28/14 (Mass. State Police photo)

Wicked Weather: Gregg, Freddy, and Amanda Recap Revere Tornado

Once the tornado passed, social media lit up as amateur journalists and meteorologists took on the storm from their vantage points. Gregg, Freddy, and Amanda found three such reports that aren’t exactly ready for the prime time news.



Amanda’s New Do – 140+ Miles Later

Gregg and Freddy thought I was nuts for not getting a new stylist when my guy moved out to open his own salon … but, I think it’s perfectly normal.


(Alisha Jackson)

Gregg Daniels’ Daughter Kaia Knows Her ABCs!

Gregg Daniels and his wife, Dinara were teaching their 19 month old daughter, Kaia the alphabet song. Amanda thinks it sounds like “The Exorcist.” Gregg and Freddy think it’s passionate.


(SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Men Vs Women – How Far Will You Travel For The Right Haircut?

Amanda travels 70 miles each way just to get her hair done! Gregg & Freddy think that’s nuts, but ladies, you understand, right?


(Mix 104.1)

Mix Radiothon: Caitlynn’s Amazing Leg Operation

A special surgery that was performed at Boston Children’s Hospital has Caitlynn’s ankle acting like a knee and allows her to participate in outdoor activities.



Ed Sheeran: “I’d Like To Have Kids Until My Organs Stop Working”

Ed Sheeran talked with Gregg & Freddy at the Mix beach house about his mysterious relationship status and settling down in the future.


(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Amanda Giles: Always Be Yourself

There’s a new trend in advertising campaigns it seems. Instead of just selling a product, companies want to send and sell a message. The latest is from Always, and the campaign is called ‘Like a Girl’ …check it out if you haven’t yet. It gives me goosebumps every time.


(Alisha Jackson)

Ed Sheeran: You Don’t Want To Meet “Puppet Ed” Unless You’re Into Heavy Drugs And Strippers

Sitting down with Sheeran in the ocean side living room at the Beach House, Gregg Daniels and Fast Freddy’s first question was about the puppet version of Ed in his latest video.