Like Father Like DaughterGregg Daniels was surprised to hear his 4 year daughter sounding like a seasoned broadcaster, he just had to record her! Check out this fledgling DJ!! #TheLadyChannel
Afternoon Drive: Hot Dog!Gregg & Freddy take a spin in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in this edition of the Afternoon Drive! Fair warning, there are hot dog puns abound!
You Want Me To Suck The WHAT Out Of The WHERE?!Who has Gregg Daniels turned into?! Former kid-hater turned baby aspirator, Gregg is learning about all the latest and greatest ways to relieve his sons stuffy nose. Have YOU heard of the NoseFrida?!! Check out him describe it to Fred and Amanda!
Gregg and Freddy's Great Grammy Adventure Re-capOut in L.A. for music's biggest night, Gregg and Freddy spill about their Grammy adventure 2017!!
Train's Pat Monahan: "I'm Like The Tom Brady Of Singers!""You know man, the whole idea behind being here is I really love making music and thinking that I can enter people's lives and be relevant. What a gift," Monahan said.
Salt And Amanda Sitting In A TreeLast night at the Bon Jovi concert, things were heating up between Salt and Amanda Giles from the afternoon show.
Gavin DeGraw Confirms 'She Sets The City On Fire' Is "About A Specific Girl"
"He Is Just A Miserable Guy To Be Around!" Andy Grammer Jokes About Touring With Gavin DeGrawGregg Daniels & Fast Freddy talked to the "Honey I'm Good" singer about everything from Cryotherapy, to the Patriots, to his new single "Fresh Eyes."
Afternoon Drive: Freddy Takes Gregg on a Mystery DriveThis week on the Afternoon Drive, Fast Freddy gets behind the wheel, and won't tell Gregg where they're going.
Afternoon Drive: Gregg's On CallGregg & Freddy try and make it to a few hot spots after work over the past week.. But will Gregg's fatherly duties get in the way?
OOPS...but AHH, SO Comfy!The upside to an oops moment: Being comfortable all day!! Check out that OOPS Moment and others here, and every Wednesday at 5:40 and 6:10 only on Mix1041!!
More Love. Less Hate.Gregg and Freddy: Everyone has thoughts on the shooting in Orlando....hear what 'Fast' Freddy has to say, especially as we wrap up Pride Week in Boston.

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