Do Engagements Not Lead To Marriages Anymore?The Bachelor may have some thoughts on this trend...
Kennedy Downloaded Bumble, But Too Bad It's BustedPeople on dating apps need to chill. Seriously.
Are Tim the Web Guy and Franzia An Item?Franzia and Tim spent some time together this weekend on a booze cruise, and we want to know if it amounted to anything!
Italy Let Karson Come Back!Welcome back, Karson!
Kennedy Did WHAT With Her Über Driver At Her House?!Kennedy does what it takes to make it hot for her Über driver yesterday.
What's The Worst Pick-Up Line You've Ever Heard?Someone told Franzia an awful pick-up line this week, and I'm pretty sure it left us all scarred for life.
Did Franzia Do The Right Thing At Her Waitress Job?Did she do the right thing?
Saying Goodbye To Mix Traffic's Mike EllisMike Ellis has been giving us the Mix morning traffic report for 26 years, since we were Mix 98.5, but now we have to say goodbye.
How Kool is Karson!?Our favorite game show is back! How Kool is Karson!? Where Franzia quizzes him on his young people lingo!
Franzia's Parents Argue Over LentFranzia's dad is having a little trouble giving up the ice cream for 40 days...
Is Your Ex In Jail?Did you ever date a now-convict?
Franzia's Family Viewing HourTuesday nights is family TV night at the Franzia household... But last night, Franzia was watching her parents more than the show!

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