Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 6/14Can Tina, Stephanie, or Gabriella beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Facebook Fights: Bro DownIt all started when Annie posted a cute selfie and Matthew was quick to comment.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 5/17
'Friends The Musical' Will Open Soon Off-BroadwayThe musical parody will feature songs like "The Only Coffee Shop in New York City," and “The Ballad of Fat Monica.”
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kylie from AbingtonCan Kylie beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
A 'Friends' DealbreakerDo you have a deal breaker in relationships?
Making "Plans" with Married FriendsDo you see your married friends? Or if you are married do you make time for your single friends?
"It Was So Difficult" For Cole Sprouse To Work With Jennifer Aniston On 'Friends'"I had a really, really hard time working with Aniston"
What's Your Signal To Get Out Of a Situation?The Queen of England reportedly has different gestures or movements that she does with her wedding ring or handbag to indicate to her people that she wants to end a particular conversation, or leave a place.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Keep Your Friends CloseAndrea and her boyfriend love to go out and party with friends. But is one of those friends getting a little too close for comfort?
War Of The Roses Marathon: What Happens When The Cat Is AwayKaren's husband has been getting a lot of calls from her best friend. And with friends like that, who needs enemies?
War Of The Roses: High School CrazyAmanda and Austen recently went to their high school reunion together, and left separately.

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