Bob Saget Tells K&K About His New Comedy SpecialHe'll be performing at The Wilbur this weekend, and you may still have a chance to see his latest stand-up set.
How Do You Deal with a Snoring Spouse?Does your significant other snore?
Eavesdropping On Your ChildrenWhat have you learned from eavesdropping!?
Kennedy's Shopping Problems!We have a new game! It is called guess how much Kennedy spent at BJs!
Karson & Kennedy: Salt vs. WildWhy was Salt late to work today?
Karson & Kennedy: Roadtrip of ErrandsGot advice for Karson and his hectic life these days?
Ways Not To Save Up for an Engagement RingClearly he is not ready for marriage!
Grandma Judges TattoosDo you have a tattoo? What does your family think about it?
Barrett's Wall ScribblesWhat would you do if your child wrote all over the walls?
I'm a Dumbass: Drone DisasterColby bought a drone for his son, but broke it before giving it to him.
Bruises While BoozingEllen DeGeneres' broken finger happened after a couple glasses of wine. What have our listeners injured after a couple of pops?
What Did Barrett Say to Alexa?Is this new friendship too much?

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