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Would You Ever Keep a Relationship Diary?

How would you feel if you found a “relationship notebook” written by your significant other about your time together?

Mix 104.1–03/27/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “One Night In Bangkok”

Mary moved to Boston to be with her boyfriend Matt. But it seems his heart might be somewhere near Chicago.

Mix 104.1–03/23/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: Once Removed A First Cousin

Chrissy wanted to confront her man Todd for cheating and then proceeded to call him a name we have never heard before!

Mix 104.1–03/20/2015

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Is It Okay To Go On Vacation With A Man Who Isn’t Your Boyfriend?

This woman may possibly become the most hated woman in Boston. Recently our friend Carmen jetted off to Cancun with a man who isn’t her boyfriend, and didn’t tell her boyfriend about it.

Mix 104.1–03/19/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Two Sides To Every New Year”

Cassandra’s boyfriend Ron got a New Year’s call from an ex. Is he poppin’ bottles with someone else or will she spend 2015 drinking alone?

Mix 104.1–03/16/2015

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War Of The Roses: “The Hairdresser”

Rebecca thinks Austin is cheating on Susan. So rather than ask one of of them, she’s asking us.

Mix 104.1–03/13/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: Won’t Call Me His Girlfriend

McKaela has been dating Brendan for about 4 months, but he won’t call her his girlfriend. Is that because someone else holds the title?

Mix 104.1–03/10/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Happy Holidays”

Kristina thinks her man Ryan is finding his Christmas spirit somewhere else this season. Let’s hope we don’t make it a blue Christmas.

Mix 104.1–03/09/2015

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War Of The Roses: “I Left My Heart In San Francisco”

Carmen called his girlfriend Michelle to tell her that he can’t wait for their romantic getaway. Problem is, he hasn’t planned one with her.

Mix 104.1–03/05/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Coffee Shop Romance”

Henry thinks his girlfriend Steph is a little too friendly with her boss. Is she working late or playing hard?

Mix 104.1–03/04/2015