War Of The Roses Marathon: Three's A CrowdJustine thinks that her boyfriend might be stepping out with her best friend. But it seems like Justine might be the one to blame.
War Of The Roses Marathon: She's Just a FriendJoe's current girlfriend Kara wants to know if his ex is being more than just a friend.
War Of The Roses: Tinder Goes Up In FlamesSteve just proposed to Dana. Dana just saw Steve on Tinder. Will this engagement go up in flames?
War Of The Roses Marathon: The 2 Faces Of SullyWendy is concerned that her boyfriend Sully's eye might be wandering. We think that isn't the only thing wandering.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Exclusive Is What Exclusive DoesKatie wants to take it to the next level with her man Luis, but has he already gone to that level with someone else?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Breaking a Dry SpellKara had asked her new man Mike to take it slow. Now she's worried he might have taken it somewhere else.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Short Distance RelationshipSteven and Darcy have been in a long distance relationship for three years. He recently moved to be near her, but it seems like she liked it better when he was out of site.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Sister, SisterTina thinks her sister's fiance is being untrue. But, is she putting her nose where it doesn't belong?
Break Up Before College?Our caller has been with her boyfriend since sophomore year of high school, and she's not sure if she should break up with him before college.
War Of The Roses: Battle Of The BrosJeff is concerned about his girlfriend's ex, because it seems like he won't leave her alone. So he's calling him up for a good old fashioned bro-down.
War Of The Roses Marathon: It's Going To Be a Hot SummerShawn and her boyfriend Tim used to be hot. But has their love turned chilly?
War Of The Roses Marathon: What's Your Number?Mandi's boyfriend Collin is making her jealous by flirting with other girls. But will she turn from green to red after one call?

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