Don't Post That On Facebook!Someone at a family gathering selfishly made an announcement asking everyone to avoid posting any pictures of them! Wasn't that such a rude thing to do?!
Russian Hackers Communicated Via Britney Spears' Instagram Comments"The malware has been receiving instructions via a seemingly innocuous comment on one of Britney Spears' Instagram photos."
Katy Perry's Next Single Looks To Be "Bon Appétit," Could Drop This Friday!Hopefully we'll be getting a new Katy track soon!!
Charlie Puth Talks 'Attention' And Album Release With Karson & KennedyCharlie Puth chats "Attention," Instagram success, and when we can expect his new album.
How Kool is Karson!?Our favorite game show is back! How Kool is Karson!? Where Franzia quizzes him on his young people lingo!
What Happened To Tom From Myspace?How everyone's 'top friend' dropped out of the social network game to become one of Instagram's hottest travel photographers.
"I Am Social Media" -- Lindsay Lohan Is Back With Her New Reality Series 'The Anti-Social Network'"I've decided to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth. I am really good."
I'm a Dumbass: Proposal FlopPhil forgot one important thing in this whole proposal plan...
"I Was Living A Mother's Worst Nightmare" Jamie-Lynn Spears Says About Daughter's ATV Accident"I'll never stop thanking each of you for your prayers, because we recognize the miracle it created."
Did You Ever Do The "Breakup Haircut"?Katy Perry posted on her Instagram story video of her DRASTICALLY changing her hairstyle after breaking up with Orlando Bloom.
Mariah Carey Is Trying To Be "Provocative" By Kissing Bryan Tanaka In Instagram Post"Mariah Carey posted a photo of herself sort of kissing backup dancer Bryan Tanaka (we say sort of because she looks barely engaged in the act)."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Teresa From NatickCan Teresa beat Kennedy? Can YOU?

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