Franzia Faces Her Fears & Goes To ItFranzia begrudgingly agreed to face her fears and go see the remake of Stephen King's It yesterday after days of debate.
The Saga of Franzia Not Wanting to See "IT" The Movie.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 9/7
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 9/6
Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 8/18
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 6/6Can Monica, Andria, and Marty beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Theresa from NashuaCan Theresa beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
The Barnum and Bailey Clowns Visit the Karson & Kennedy Circus!And i'm sure they couldn't wait to get back to their own after dealing with us!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Katie from WalthamCan Katie beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Wicked Wake Up Call: Did You Blow In It?Slater calls Matt to solve his IT problems...and instead causes more!!
The Good News | Grandmother Rides Rollercoaster For First Time And LOVES It [Video]
MBQ: What's The "It" Toy This Christmas?

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