Jennifer Lopez Buys "The Sprint Guy" Hennessy In "Ni Tu Ni Yo" VideoJ Lo literally put the Sprint Guy in her video as if there was not enough product placement already
Can't Beat Kennedy 06/28Can Danielle, Stephanie, or Nicole beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Jennifer Lopez Filmed A Music Video For Upcoming Single "Ni Tu Ni Yo"The new Spanish music is coming!
Jennifer Lopez Tricked into Talking about A-Rod"He's the best. You would love him... honestly, he's a great guy. He's fun, he's awesome."
Snippet Of Jennifer Lopez's Spanish Banger "Amor Amor Amor" SurfacesYou'll definitely get up and dance to this hot track
Can't Beat Kennedy: Katie From WalthamCan Katie beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Does Drake Have A Crush On Jennifer Lopez?!The heat is rising on the Las Vegas strip!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Jess From NatickCan Jess beat Kennedy?
TBT: 2001, When J Lo (Ja) Ruled The Charts With "I'm Real"During this week in 2001, Ja Rule's 'Murder Remix' of Jennifer Lopez's song "I'm Real" returned to the number one spot.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Dennis From BrightonCan Dennis beat Kennedy?
TBT: 1999, When J Lo First Had Our LoveDuring this week in 1999, Jennifer Lopez's debut single, 'If You Had My Love," rose to #1 and stayed there for a solid 5 weeks.
J Lo, Akon, Christiano Rinaldo, And More Star In RedOne's "Don't You Need Somebody" Video"Don't You Need Somebody" is definitely in the running for song of the summer

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