Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 7/25
John Mayer Defends Justin Bieber After Canceled Tour Dates"When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going."
John Mayer's Live Show Was Inspired By DrakeThe musician says Drake inspired him "to be competitive" with his live show.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 7/10
The Montana Earthquake Blew John Mayer's Mind"According to USGS it's the 8th biggest earthquake on record in Montana," he wrote with a screenshot. "look at years and then '26 minutes ago.'"
The Second Mix Beach House Is Here!So Monica won the first beach house with Ed Sheeran. You could win the second one with John Mayer!
John Mayer Responds to Katy Perry's Sex RankingIn regards to bedroom skills, Perry ranked Mayer for the top spot.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 6/20Can Colleen, Raeanne, and Jennifer beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Katy Perry's Next 'Witness' Single Is "Save As Draft"The track has been rumored to be about her ex-lover
Is This Proof That Katy Perry's "Save As Draft" Is About John Mayer?Earlier this year Mayer wrote a track about Perry, is this her response to "Still Feel Like Your Man?"
Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Others React to Golden State Warriors VictoryMany musicians were online to congratulate the Warriors and/or console the Cavaliers.
Watch John Mayer Cover Drake's 'Passionfruit'"Passionfruit" was featured on Drake's previous release More Life and Mayer's version is a stripped down, acoustic cover of the track.

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