Can't Beat Kennedy: Carla From Wareham And A HUGE Announcement!Listen to hear the biggest announcement on Karson & Kennedy since Salt joined us!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Krysta from LynnfieldCan Krysta beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Nicole From MilfordCan Nicole beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Lori From NashuaCan Lori beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Shannon From DorchesterCan Shannon beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Barbie From MilfordCan Barbie beat Kennedy?
Julia Roberts Goes Vigilante in 'Secret in Their Eyes' Trailer: WatchThe trailer shows Jess and Ray finding her daughter's body in a dumpster, capturing her soul-breaking emotional reaction.
Dirty On The 30: 7th Heaven Dad Investigated For Child Molestation!'7th Heaven' dad grosses out the world, J Law speaks about her nude photos, and Karson shows us 6 celebrities who married normal people (PHOTOS).
Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actor and ActressA look into the supporting actors and actresses.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Robin from MelroseCan You Beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Jim From Salem
Dirty On The 30: Kanye Tells Kim She Can't Pump In Paris!!Kim wanted to do some pumping while in Paris as she wants to continue to breast feed for a few more months. She was going to pump and have it FedExed back or HAVE HER ASSISTANT FLY IT BACK.

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