Kennedy Has A BOYFRIEND!It's official, y'all; Kennedy is off the market!
Salt Plays "A Goat Or The Goat" With Scott ZolakSalt masterminded his way into the Patriots game yesterday.
Lenny Clarke from 'Stronger' Talks With Karson & KennedyLenny had all of us laughing this morning!
Frim-Is-Tim-And-Franzia Date 2: A Night With ColdplayTim invited Franzia to go to Coldplay's concert with him at Gillette Stadium last week, and we think that means something!
Lunch At The Lanes: Ain't Nothin' Better Than BowlingYou won't believe how much fun our listeners had while bowling.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 6/13Can Meredith, Kate, and Amy beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
The Show's Photo: Where's Karson?Karson's got a problem - the web player for the show cuts off his head, so he hauled the head of our digital department, Tim the Web Guy in this morning to yell at him.
Karson, Kennedy and Salt Go SkiingAs expected, all of the fireball whiskey was consumed.
How Well Do You Know Your Coworkers?Watch as Producer Mike ambushes Karson, Kennedy and Salt with a cruel, yet extremely entertaining game involving their coworkers.
Celtics Player Jared Sullinger Chats With Karson and Kennedy Karson, Kennedy and Salt chat with Jared Sullinger about his upcoming coat drive on January 28th!
Dirty On The 30 - Charlie Sheen Is HIV PositiveThis morning on the Today Show, Charlie Sheen joined Matt Lauer to disclose that he is indeed HIV positive.
You're Dating WHO?!Randi gave us a call this morning because she continuously gets hits on by married men.

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