Barrett's Wall Scribbles: Part 2Uh Oh... I would not want to be Karson's son, Barrett right now because Lana is furious that he wrote on the walls... AGAIN!
Karson's Nightmares!Karson had a nightmare! No, it was not about monsters... but maybe a monster-in-law?
Lana is Now a Dentist!?!Lana has a new hobby and it's being a Karson's Dentist Hygienist!
Mimi Let Barrett Watch Inappropriate TVDid Karson "put his foot down"?
Parenting Update: Karson Caved!Barrett got a yellow card at school last Friday for misbehaving, so Karson and his wife Lana punished him by taking away all of his sports practice privileges and making him write lines instead.
Did Karson Go Overboard in Punishing Barrett This Weekend?Even Barrett's teacher thinks he may have went too far!
Karson & Kennedy: Roadtrip of ErrandsGot advice for Karson and his hectic life these days?
Grandma Judges TattoosDo you have a tattoo? What does your family think about it?
If Karson Can Succeed, So Can You!Karson spent the last two years of high school at Boca Raton Community High School in Florida. Now, they want him to be the first member of their brand new alumni association.
Will Karson Be The Face Of Boca Raton High?The high school he ended up at for his senior year wants him to be the first member of their brand new alumni club.
How Kool is Karson!?Our favorite game show is back! How Kool is Karson!? Where Franzia quizzes him on his young people lingo!
Barrett's Wall ScribblesWhat would you do if your child wrote all over the walls?

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