Producer Mike Morgan Is SUPER Nervous To Officiate Cousin's WeddingMaybe it has something to do with all the cows involved. Hmmm.
Would You Choose Your Best Friend Or Your Boy/Girlfriend?Roger won tickets to the "We Can Survive" concert in LA this weekend, but he's taking his best dude friend instead of his girlfriend.
Elizabeth Wagmeister From "Page Six TV" Dishes On Harvey WeinsteinShe always knew he was creepy but never had any specific examples of him acting out until the recent accusations.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 10/16
O. J. Simpson Moved In Near Kennedy's FriendO. J. Simpson is roaming free now, and he so happened to move into Kennedy's friend's complex in Las Vegas.
Kennedy & Salt Get Their "Screeemfest" Makeup Did!It's almost time to take our "Cool Kids" to Canobie Lake Park, and we're getting in the spirit by having "Screeemfest" makeup artists paint up Kennedy & Salt today on Friday the 13th!
Mad Marge Vs. Kennedy And New Boyfriend "Tommy Lee"Mad Marge ISN'T going after Salt this time; now it's Kennedy's turn!
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: iPhone Plan BluesOne of his lies includes buying 10 iPhone X's (that sell for $1000 a pop) using his mom's money.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 10/11
Producer Dan Gone DJ Dan!Producer Dan has been working behind the scenes here at Mix 104.1, but now he's getting into the DJ business!
Shellfish Girl Is Here!It is nearly universally accepted that Shellfish Girl is WAY cooler than any of us.
SOS! Save Franzia ASAP!Franzia is on a sucky date. The dude is BORING, and she needs saving quick.

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