Kennedy Went On A VERY Successful Date Kennedy went on a date with someone she had never met, and it went really well!
Facebook Fight: How Is That Spelled?The "Voice of God" takes a break this morning as Intern Paul voices Jesus in this hilarious Facebook Fight involving misspelled words and annoying boys.
Andy Grammer Talks Playing His Third MixFestKarson, Kennedy, and Salt caught up with Andy Grammer backstage at MixFest 2017!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 9/18Can anyone beat Kennedy this week? Can YOU?
MixFest: Year-In-Review!We've had a lot of MixFests, so listen above and try to guess which year all of these events happened!
We Made Andy Grammer Try To Buy His Own Album By SingingRemember the time we made Andy Grammer sing to try to buy his own album?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 9/15
Kennedy's Sports Take: James White On The Line!Kennedy takes on the one and only James White for some sports movie identifications.
Facebook Fight: Don't Poop Where Ya EatCheating is bad. Pooping where you eat is also bad, especially in this circle of individuals.
Salt Interviews "Stronger" Actor Jake Gyllenhaal with Jeff BaumanHear Salt's interview with Jeff and Jake.
Karson Interviews And Introduces Boston's Mayor At The Request of Michael BivinsWhat would you do if Michael Bivins from New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe called you to ask for a favor?
American Idol Auditions News Photobomb Fail With Salt And Intern PaulSalt and Intern Paul headed down to the American Idol auditions line to check out some auditioning contestants.

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