Three Lies to Tell Your Mom: School Vacation NightmareCan Hannah get mom to believe her tall tales about school vacation?
I'm a Dumbass: Maybe You Should Care What You Name Your Child?Got a suggestion on how Paul can get out of this hole he dug? Or is he just done?
Mariah Carey's Epic New Years Eve DebacleWe checked the tape and realized this wasn't the only live performance that Mariah has botched.
Three Lies to Tell Your Mom: Christmas CoronaryLet's see what happens when we make up some lies!
Did Jillian Dump Her Boyfriend Over The Weekend?Hear the update!
Kennedy Has a New Fear That is Disrupting Her Day To Day LifeWhat should she do about it?
We Play More Calls From Our Santa Hotline!Our Santa Hotline is still open at 617-564-1041 if your kid would like to leave a voicemail that goes directly to The Claus himself!
I'm a Dumbass: Michael Should Probably Quit SmokingMichael recently got a new job and had an unpleasant run-in with a coworker on his way back inside from having a smoke.
Three Lies to Tell Your Mom: What Happens In VegasAndrew just got back from Las Vegas, a city which his mother hates.
Facebook Fights: Political EditionAlex has had enough with all of the discussion around the election, and decided to complain about it on Facebook.
I Got So Drunk On My 21st Birthday That I....Khloe Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel that her little sister Kendall got so drunk at her 21st birthday party, that she forgot she got a Rolls Royce as a present.
Three Lies to Tell Your Mom: High TimesFind out what happens when Jake tells his mom that he's going into the "green" business.

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