Attention All Parrotheads: Fake PSAThe Xfinity Center does not want to pick up portable homemade toilets after a Jimmy Buffett concert.
Kristin Drops Everything and Moves to Italy!Imagine just dropping everything and moving to to your dream country in only one week?!
Karson's Wife Says Chivalry Is DeadLana remembers when Karson used to be a gentleman at the beginning of their relationship.
Kelly's Update From Rio OlympicsKennedy's friend is in Brazil with her gold squad for the Rio Olympics, and she called in to give us the update on howย her trip is going so far.
Break Up Before College?Our callerย has been with her boyfriend since sophomore year of high school, and she's not sure if she should break up with him before college.
Who's The Bigger Jacka**?This morning we played a game to find out who is the bigger jacka** about their wedding plans.
Man Burns Down His House So Ex-Wife Couldn't Have ItHear the whole story here!
Coldplay Gave Karson a Birthday Shout-Out During Their ConcertHear all the exciting details!
Kate Gives Us an Update on Her AppealKate had to appear in court yesterday because of a Mercedes rental that she crashed back in 2012.
Guess Who's Going to Need a Scooter?Producer Mike may need to rent a scooter when he goes to Disney World.
Producer Mike's Smokey Bones Co-Worker Thought She Had a Heart AttackWhen she tells the story of what actually happened, you won't believe it!
David Wade Played Doctor On His Kid's Arm YesterdayFind out why he had to rush home in the middle of the show yesterday, and listen to his kid's response!

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