Parents Who Take Their Kids To Restaurants Late at NightWe're talking way past bedtime on a school night.
Is Competitiveness Healthy For A Relationship?Kennedy and The Mountain went bowling on Sunday...
Karson Reads Mean Texts About His MixFest PerformanceWe played back Karson's MixFest performance with Ingrid Michaelson yesterday and the text line was flooded with some less than encouraging comments for our guy Karson.
Security Almost Didn't Let Ryan Tedder Backstage Before OneRepublic's Mixfest Performance!Find out why security wasn't letting him backstage ten minutes before he was supposed to go on stage.
Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes: Day 2!Find out which team took the lead!
Karson and Kennedy's Ultimate Battle Of The SexesWhich team will win the chance to be serenaded by the other at Mixfest?
Faux 911: The Toothless BanditA man from Orangeburg, South Carolina was robbed of $1 in change and his bottom set of dentures.
Attention All Parrotheads: Fake PSAThe Xfinity Center does not want to pick up portable homemade toilets after a Jimmy Buffett concert.
Kristin Drops Everything and Moves to Italy!Imagine just dropping everything and moving to to your dream country in only one week?!
Karson's Wife Says Chivalry Is DeadLana remembers when Karson used to be a gentleman at the beginning of their relationship.
Kelly's Update From Rio OlympicsKennedy's friend is in Brazil with her gold squad for the Rio Olympics, and she called in to give us the update on how her trip is going so far.
Break Up Before College?Our caller has been with her boyfriend since sophomore year of high school, and she's not sure if she should break up with him before college.

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