We Played a New Game Called 'China or Florida?'The results were hilarious.
Kelly Osbourne Tweeted the Phone Number of Ozzy's MistressDo you think Kelly's move was justified?
A Listener's Restaurant Server DramaRestaurant problems!
Can You Walk Out Of a Graduation Early After Your Child's Name Is Called?Or is it in poor taste?
Have You Ever Tried To "One Up" Your Significant Other's Ex?Karson's wife Lana is going all out for his daughter's wedding.
Former Intern Corrine Snapchats Child's BirthHear an update from Corinne herself here!
Lana Returned Her Mother's Day GiftKarson's wife Lana returned her Mother's Day gift and Karson is not happy about it.ย 
Should These Cops Have Been Suspended?Two officers have been suspended for using excessive force while arresting a man after being led on a high speed chase.
Katy Is Thinking About Having An AffairShould she step out of her marriage to satisfy her physical needs?
Meghan Trainor Pulled Her New Video and Salt Knows WhyMeghan Trainor pulled her new music video from the internet after noticing that her waist had been photoshopped without her permission.
How Should You Be Teaching an Infant to Swim?This video of a 7-month-old baby learning how to swim has gone viral.
Would You Babysit Your Ex's Kid?Kennedy got an email from a woman who ran into her ex at Cumby's last week, and somehow ended up sort of offering to babysit his new baby.

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