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The Roger Williams Park Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Comes to K&K

Dr. Jeremy Goodman executive director of Roger Williams Park zoo calls in to talk to Karson, Salt and Kennedy about the awesome show running nightly from October 2nd to November 2nd called the Jack O […]

Mix 104.1–6 hours ago


Can’t Beat Kennedy: Lindsey From Woburn

Can Lindsey from Woburn beat Kennedy?

Mix 104.1–8 hours ago

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What Do You Do To Get Away From The Kids For A Night?

What do you do to get away from your kids for a night?

Mix 104.1–9 hours ago


Wicked Wake Up Call: Deep Cover

Madeline wanted to volunteer and bake something for the local fall festival. salt gives her a call and asks her to be undercover security instead.

Mix 104.1–9 hours ago

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “The Elephant In The Room”

Katie says that when she and her boyfriend Jesse go out, his friends whisper behind her back. But are the voices just in her head?

Mix 104.1–9 hours ago

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Is It Okay To Not Be Facebook Friends With Your Partner?

Would you be okay with your significant other not being your Facebook friend?

Mix 104.1–10/20/2014


Can’t Beat Kennedy: Robin From Quincy

Can Robin from Quincy beat Kennedy?

Mix 104.1–10/20/2014

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What Dating Advice Would You Impart On Your Daughter?

There was an article on Buzzfeed over the weekend about the 24 biggest pieces of dating advice women will impart on their daughters which got our wheels turning. We decided to take calls from listeners and get their take on it. They did NOT disappoint!

Mix 104.1–10/20/2014

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Mary Lambert Dishes About Madonna

Mary Lambert performed for Mix listeners at a Mix Lounge over the weekend and she had a couple extra minutes to spare to talk with Salt and Kennedy where she told a hilarious story about performing with Madonna at the Grammy’s.

Mix 104.1–10/20/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Wrestling With the Decision”

Andrea’s boyfriend Dean has been all over his ex-girlfriend’s social media lately, and wow does she hate her.

Mix 104.1–10/20/2014



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