Kate Gives Us an Update on Her AppealKate had to appear in court yesterday because of a Mercedes rental that she crashed back in 2012.
Guess Who's Going to Need a Scooter?Producer Mike may need to rent a scooter when he goes to Disney World.
Producer Mike's Smokey Bones Co-Worker Thought She Had a Heart AttackWhen she tells the story of what actually happened, you won't believe it!
David Wade Played Doctor On His Kid's Arm YesterdayFind out why he had to rush home in the middle of the show yesterday, and listen to his kid's response!
Karson and Kennedy Announce the Coldplay Beach House Winner!Find out who won here!
Would Finding a Secret Social Media Account End Your Relationship?Jessica's boyfriend has a secret social media account that she JUST found out about, and they've been together for over a year.
Intern Franzia Prepares For Her First Midday ShiftHear how she was doing before she hit the airwaves to fill in for Erin O'Malley!
Kennedy's Taking a Road Trip With The Mountain!She has some activities planned for the 12 hour drive.
We Put Barrett Inside the "Truth Booth" to Answer Question About Karson!Karson and Kennedy's biggest little star returned to the show just in time for Father's Day.
Messages From Our "Mad Dad" HotlineHappy "angry" Father's Day!
Listener Asks for Advice On How to Approach Her Gay Coworker After the Orlando AttackKennedy's friend Jay, who is a member of the LGBT community, gave his perspective on the situation.
Was There a Wedding at Karson and Kennedy's Prom?The answer is yes, and Salt officiated the entire thing!

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