We Put Barrett Inside the "Truth Booth" to Answer Question About Karson!Karson and Kennedy's biggest little star returned to the show just in time for Father's Day.
Messages From Our "Mad Dad" HotlineHappy "angry" Father's Day!
Listener Asks for Advice On How to Approach Her Gay Coworker After the Orlando AttackKennedy's friend Jay, who is a member of the LGBT community, gave his perspective on the situation.
Was There a Wedding at Karson and Kennedy's Prom?The answer is yes, and Salt officiated the entire thing!
Karson and Kennedy's Former Intern Shares Her Memories of Schoolmate Christina GrimmieFormer intern of the show, Jackie, grew up in the same town as Christina Grimmie, and attended high school with her.
Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis Talks About Orlando TragedyEd Davis called in and gave us his thoughts on how we should secure our homeland.
Allie Hardie "Brought" Her Marine Corps Boyfriend to Prom... And to Our Studio!Hear how Allie took her boyfriend to prom!
Karson and Kennedy Play "Little Theater"Can you guess what movie Karson and Kennedy are acting out?
Karson Delivered His Commencement SpeechListen here to critique how he did!
We Played "Brand New Bartender" For Karson and Kennedy Prom TicketsCan the new bartender make the drinks correctly?
Karson Is Giving a Commencement Speech TodayAnd he's a little nervous about it.
Things I Learned Camping On Lake MooMahHear all about Karson's West Virginia camping excursion!

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