I'm a Dumbass : How Not to React to Your Girlfriend Being PregnantScott gives a step by step tutorial on how to be a dumbass in this very delicate situation.
JoJo Talks About Singing at the Patriots Game and Releasing Her First Album in TEN YEARS!JoJo also talked about how she doesn't think celebs should complain about social media.
Karson Had To Change Barrett's Halloween CostumeBecause Karson doesn't think it's appropriate anymore.
Faux 911: LSD Dog RescueA man was arrested for claiming his neighbor's house was on fire, when in reality he was just tripping on LSD.
What Are Your Regrets?Find out Tom Brady's here!
Donald Trump Is In Hot Water Because Of Some Mic Audio From 2005He said some seriously distasteful stuff regarding women while speaking with TV host Billy Bush.
Rachel Critiques Karson's Performance On The ShowRachel sat in on today's show and graded Karson on how he did.
Does Your Man Collect Something Odd?Matthew Perry has a pretty serious Batman collection.
The Great Karson and Kennedy Town Hall DebateWith Donald and Hillary squaring off for the second time last night, Karson and Kennedy locked horns in a debate again this morning, just with slightly less important topics.
Brand New War Of The Roses Update!We talked to Adrienne who caught her man Benji sneaking out to Vegas for a bachelor party under the guise of a business trip, because he thought she wouldn't let him go.
Kennedy Has a Very Important Date Coming UpBut will The Mountain remember it?
Karson and Kennedy's Cool Kids Are Back!Karson and Kennedy made the announcement on air this morning.

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