Lance Bass Joins Backstreet Boys Onstage In VegasCould there be a Backstreet/'NSYNC supergroup on the horizon?
*NSYNC will Reunite to Celebrate Hollywood Walk of Fame Star"We'll all be there! We're doing something [special]. I don't know if I can announce it yet..."
Lance Bass Shares an 'Alternative Fact' about Betty White"As a member of the @backstreetboys, I had a love child with @BettyMWhite. #AlternativeFacts" Lance Bass wrote.
Lance Bass On *NSYNC Residency: "Maybe Justin Will Come Back For a Year to Do It""Right, Justin?" he said to the camera. "Don't you want to do this?"
Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas & More Share Halloween CostumesYou never know who might be hiding behind some of those masks you see on Halloween.
Watch Kelly Clarkson Shake It to Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" With Her Baby, Baby River RoseKelly accepted Melissa Peterman's Diabetes Dance Dare, and dared the entire cast of 'The Voice,' including Gwen Stefani to break it down for the cause.
Lance Bass And NASA Are Still 'NSYNCHis journey is going to take a little more time
Lance Bass And Ashley Parker Angel Are "Behind The Mic" Together For NickelodeonAshley Parker Angel and Lance Bass hit the studio together!
90's Rewind: Watch Lance Bass and Joey Fatone Do Backstreet Boys KaraokeAt one point in the song, Joey Fatone sings "Backstreet is really gay," to which Lance replies, "that's homophobic."
Lance Bass Reveals Why He Wasn't Invited to Justin Timberlake's WeddingTimberlake's excuse is justified.
Lance Bass Discusses Being Sexually Harassed During NSYNC Tenure"With the guys we would talk about it, joke about it, even though it's not a joking matter."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Ann From NatickCan Ann beat Kennedy?

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