Las Vegas Shooting: Former Mix 104.1 DJ Shawn Tempesta Live On-SceneOur former co-worker, Shawn Tempesta now works for our sister station, Mix 94.1 in Vegas. He joined Karson & Kennedy this morning.
Las Vegas Massacre: Firsthand Account from Australian Country Music FanAs a serious country music fan, Jessica from Australia traveled to the States to attend the Route 91 Harvest Festival.
Las Vegas Tragedy: Concertgoer Vincent Gives Firsthand Update From The SceneRoute 91 Harvest Festival concertgoer Vincent calls us to give a firsthand update of what it really felt like to escape.
Can't Lick Salt: Friday 8/11Can anyone beat Salt this week? Can YOU?
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: Vegas Is A Den Of SinYour mom hates Vegas, and you tell her you're going to start dating a stripper there while becoming a professional poker player.
Britney Spears Says No One Gives Her Credit Regarding Playback, "I'm Busting My A**""It really pisses me off because I am busting my a** out there and singing at the same time and nobody ever really gives me credit for it."
Miss MA Is On Her Way To Miss USA!Our former employee Julia Scaparotti  was crowned Miss Massachusetts a few months ago, and now she's leaving for Las Vegas next week for the Miss USA Pageant!
Britney Spears Will Dominate The Globe For 'Piece Of Me' World TourEveryone around the world needs to be gifted with this tour
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kate From WalpoleCan Kate beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Does Drake Have A Crush On Jennifer Lopez?!The heat is rising on the Las Vegas strip!
Intern Christina Brings Her Mom to Thunder From Down Under!Do we smell a new family tradition?
Thunder From Down Under Gives Intern Christina a Lap Dance!Happy 21st birthday, Christina!

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