War of the Roses Marathon: The Silver FoxVeronica called us about her boyfriend, then proceeded to make this the most confusing roses we've ever done.
War of the Roses Marathon: Daddy's Little GirlJessica is worried that her Dad may be up to no good. If this call doesn't go right, she may have to go cry to Mommy.
I'm A Dumb Ass: The Hill
War of the Roses Marathon: The Joke With The Terrible PunchlineSteph's husband Jeff has been spending a lot of time with a co-worker. Has he gotten too close to his work wife?
Have You Met New Kids On the Block?Chanel, Jessica, and Amy have all had encounters with members of the band.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Linda from LeominsterCan Linda beat Kennedy?
War of the Roses Marathon: Text Gone WrongRobin got a text from her boyfriend James thanking her for an amazing night. After she spent the night home alone.
War of the Roses Marathon: Is It Pete or Is It Jim?Laura's having doubts about her hubby Pete. She found his Facebook page, but his name is Jim.
Caller Rachael and Miley Cyrus Both Hate Their Engagement RingsHear what they both had to say.
I'm a Dumb Ass: Confessed His Love to His Newly-Engaged Best FriendNate told his best friend Katie that he was in love with her... Right after she got engaged over the weekend.
Kate Merrill Knows EverythingHear how Kate figured out that her daughter is dating a boy!
War of the Roses: Unwitting PolygamistMatt wants to make Veronica his wife. Only problem is, she may already be someone else's wife!

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