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What Did Barrett Say: The Love Edition

At the ripe old age of 4 1/2, Karson’s son Barrett is already talking marriage! Listen here to see who the lucky blonde bombshell is!

Mix 104.1–04/24/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: Vehicular Love Slaughter

Hope caught her husband Dave in the car with another woman. Were they just talking or had they already taken a “ride”?

Mix 104.1–03/24/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: Won’t Call Me His Girlfriend

McKaela has been dating Brendan for about 4 months, but he won’t call her his girlfriend. Is that because someone else holds the title?

Mix 104.1–03/10/2015

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She Said She Said: Valentine’s Day Fail

Have you ever experienced a Valentine’s Day fail? These ladies have!

Mix 104.1–02/17/2015

dl3-roses (1)

War Of The Roses Marathon: The Valentine’s Day Massacre

Alexis is getting a little nervous about her first Valentine’s Day with her man Jamie. So will she see hearts or will she see red?

Mix 104.1–02/12/2015

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses Marathon: And You Say He’s Just A Friend

Laura thinks her boyfriend Gene is growing distant….or has she really been placed in the friend zone?

Mix 104.1–12/04/2014

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses Marathon: Angel Of Mine

Veronica is concerned her boyfriend Chris is still hooked on his ex. Will a tattoo confirm her fears?


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Kennedy’s Been Watching Some Dogs And We Need To Get Rid Of Them

Kennedy is still out, doing vocal training, trying to be able to speak again. It might be a little while before she’s able to come back, and we’re worried about her. It seems she’s been taking care of dogs, holding on to them while a home is found for them. With all the pictures she’s been taking of them, we know they’ll never leave.

Mix 104.1–09/26/2014

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A Video Card For Danny Nickerson From Alex Preston & The Idols

A very special video card for Danny Nickerson from Alex Preston and the American Idols…



War Of The Roses: Drunken I Love You

Cara said I love you to her man Todd in a drunken moment, but now she wants to take it back.

Mix 104.1–05/08/2014