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War Of The Roses Marathon: The Ex

Karen’s husband Peter has been spending a lot of time with his ex-wife. Will this call send him back to her?

Mix 104.1–04/22/2015

15 Seconds | Carly Tefft

15 Seconds Of Fame Alum Carly Tefft Performs “Keep On Running” At 2015 Boston Marathon

Tonight’s featured artist is 15 Seconds of Fame alum, Berklee student and hardcore Boston sports fan Carly Tefft. This morning, she performed this original song Keep On Running at the Boston Marathon starting line in Hopkinton. Check out […]



Hot News Guy David Wade Calls In From The Boston Marathon

WBZ-TV’s hot news guy, David Wade, is running the Boston Marathon this year and he checked in with Karson and Kennedy this morning before the race.

Mix 104.1–04/20/2015

(Photo by Warrick Page/Getty Images)

Barrett or Barfly: Boston Marathon Edition!

Who said it? Barrett or a barfly?

Mix 104.1–04/20/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: What’s In A Name?

Chelsea’s boyfriend Jon has been doing extra work so he can graduate. But are his late nights filled with studying or smooching?

Mix 104.1–04/09/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Is It Pete Or Is It Jim”

Laura’s having doubts about her hubby Pete. Why? The name on his Facebook page is “Jim”.

Mix 104.1–04/08/2015

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Snow Day”

Jessie’s boyfriend Peter tried a new career plowing snow during the blizzard. Was he on the roads or with a snow angel?

Mix 104.1–04/06/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Detroit Rock City”

Jackie loves her boyfriend Phil. Phil might still be hung up on Becky. Put Shelly in the mix and watch ’em get crazy!

Mix 104.1–03/30/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “The Work Wife”

Jessica’s husband Jay has been working on a “surprise project” at work which involves many late nights. Has he been crunching more than just numbers?



War Of The Roses Marathon: Once Removed A First Cousin

Chrissy wanted to confront her man Todd for cheating and then proceeded to call him a name we have never heard before!

Mix 104.1–03/20/2015