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Karson’s Daughter Wants A $50,000 “Princess Wedding”

Karson’s daughter Krysten just got engaged at Disney World last weekend and Karson got to fly down and be a part of it. Before that, she had a chat with our producer Mike Morgan and it turns out she may have had an inkling that a proposal was coming.

Mix 104.1–07/23/2014


Karson & Kennedy Man Talk: Weddings

Karson, Salt, Producer Zach, and Intern Brah are in the studio discussing weddings. Tune in to hear their manly opinions on asking a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Mix 104.1–07/22/2014

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Karson’s Big Announcement

Karson had a BIG weekend. Find out what happened here!

Mix 104.1–07/21/2014


Ed Sheeran: “I’d Like To Have Kids Until My Organs Stop Working”

Ed Sheeran talked with Gregg & Freddy at the Mix beach house about his mysterious relationship status and settling down in the future.


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TMI: Jase Robertson (Duck Dynasty) Reaveals Something Intimate About Himself

Listen as the K&K crew weigh in on an intimate, personal choice made by Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson.

Mix 104.1–06/23/2014

Kanye West Sighting In Prague

Dirty on the 30 – Kanye and Kims Wedding Picture Took HOW LONG?

Kanye ruins his honeymoon, The Situation gets into a well, situation, and Lorde’s folks make it legal.


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This Woman Is Divorcing Her Husband Because He Doesn’t Like “Frozen”

Do you want to build a long-lasting marriage? You probably shouldn’t go see the movie Frozen, then…


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Something Old, Something New…born?

How far would you go to include your baby in your wedding? Would you have her dragged along the back of the bride’s train?

Mix 104.1–06/03/2014


Can’t Beat Kennedy: Jen From Tewksbury

Can Jen from Tewksbury beat Kennedy?

Mix 104.1–05/23/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: Just When You Think You’ve Heard It All

Pam has been married to Jimmy for 8 years and things have gotten a little cold. But it seems like he might be warming up to someone else.

Mix 104.1–05/06/2014