War Of The Roses: Après CheatMegan and Kyle went on ski weekend with their best friends. Was there an "après cheat"?
War Of The Roses Marathon: I'm Yelling TinderBrandi found some apps on her husband's phone that lead her to believe he's cheating. Will she swipe left or will she swipe right?
War Of The Roses: Cleaning UpKara is concerned her hubby Adam is getting a little to close to a client. Let's see if we can "clean up" the situation.
War Of The Roses: FarmersOnly.comMaggie found her husband on a dating site. Will they stay together or will they lose the "farm"?
War of the Roses Marathon: Happy Birthday to YouElyse and Billy have been married for 10 years and have hit a bit of a rough patch. Has he found someone else to smooth it out for him?
Karson Is Putting His Foot Down!Should he stop drinking his favorite past time drink?
War of the Roses Marathon: Shacking UpShannon and her husband are going through a rough time financially that has them living apart. But she's afraid he's taking advantage of his hosts generosity.
Sweet, Salacious DreamsWho do you agree with here? Karson & Salt or Kennedy?
I'm a Dumbass: The Ring PrankMaybe next time clear your browser history...
Karson Has A Big Announcement!What could this big announcement be? Karson reveals it to us!
You Give Love A Bad Name: Chef BoyardeeListen to hear some hilariously hellish tales!
War Of The Roses: Hockey MomsAdrienne's hubby Cody has been spending too much time with one of the hockey moms... is it innocent or does he belong in the penalty box?

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