War Of The Roses: Ouija or No?Steph thinks her hubby Billy is cheating because her grandma told her. Big prob? Grandma's dead.
The Man TrackerRecently a story surfaced about a man who called the bomb squad because of something suspicious on his car. Turns out it was a GPS tracking device put there by his wife!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Just When You Think You've Heard It AllPam has been married to Jimmy for 8 years and things have gotten a little cold. But it seems like he might be warming up to someone else.
Was There a Wedding at Karson and Kennedy's Prom?The answer is yes, and Salt officiated the entire thing!
War Of The Roses Marathon: At The Car Wash, YeahStephanie tried to do something nice for her hubby Craig and get his car washed. No good deed goes unpunished.
Have You Ever Rejected a Marriage Proposal?This celebrity couple just went through it.
Producer Mike's Anniversary Disaster!Poor Producer Mike had a big anniversary surprise planned for his wife Natalie and she inadvertently ruined it!
War Of The Roses Marathon: My Master PlanColleen is married to Chris. Chris used to be married to Aubrey. Colleen thinks Aubrey needs a call from Shelly.
War Of The Roses: Right Girl, Wrong RingClarissa and Austen just got engaged, and she's already worried.
Katy Is Thinking About Having An AffairShould she step out of her marriage to satisfy her physical needs?
War Of The Roses: We Cant Win...EverMarcie thinks something is up with her husband Steve.
Popping The Question In A Car, Good Idea? Bad Idea?Would you accept a proposal like this?

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