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War Of The Roses Marathon: Stacy’s Mom

Kelly took her boyfriend Matt to meet her dad and his new younger wife. However, it looks like he’s trying a little too hard to be “part of the family.”

Mix 104.1–08/20/2015

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Does Flirting On Twitter Count?

Is it okay to flirt on Twitter while in a relationship?


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War Of The Roses: My One And Only

Caren is worried her husband Chris is fooling around at the office. But when he sends roses to her, Caren loses it.


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Salt Is Buying An Engagement Ring?!

That’s right! Our good old bachelor for life, Salty, is buying an engagement ring. But it might not be for the reason you’re suspecting.


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Lana Wouldn’t Let Karson Borrow Her Phone

Karson was caught a little off guard when his wife wouldn’t let him borrow his phone.


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Should Love Trump The Need For a Prenup?

A listener recently changed her mind about wanting a prenup. Find out why she changed her mind and how her fiance feels about it here!


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Would You Invite a Friend to Your Bridal Shower and Not Your Wedding?

Would you speak up if you bought wedding shower gifts and then didn’t receive an invitation to the wedding?


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War Of The Roses Marathon: He Should Have Tried The Little Blue Pill

Colleen and Tony are trying to have kids and they were going strong in that department until Tony decided to pull his team off the field.


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Eric Hites Bikes Across America, Stops For a Second To Call Karson and Kennedy

Eric called Karson and Kennedy this morning to talk about his journey!


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War Of The Roses Marathon: In And Out

Pam has been married to Jimmy for eight years and things have gotten a little cold. It seems like he might be warming up to somebody else.

Mix 104.1–07/23/2015