I'm a Dumb Ass: Wedding Ring MixupPatrick put his wedding ring from his previous marriage on by accident, and his current wife noticed.
Wedding Alert: Karson's Daughter!Hear how her future hubby proposed!
Trivial Matters: Dumbest Things Couples Fight AboutDo you get into these types of fights?
War of the Roses Marathon: Who In Hell is Pooh BearEmily's husband Chris says that he's been spending more and more time at the gym. But has he really just found a new workout partner?
War of the Roses Marathon: Daddy's Little GirlJessica is worried that her Dad may be up to no good. If this call doesn't go right, she may have to go cry to Mommy.
Facebook Fights: Bad Dinner GuestsChad feels like his friends aren't fun anymore. He decided to rant about it on Facebook and it backfired...
I'm a Dumb Ass: Honesty is NOT the Best PolicyNick decided to open up about how lucky he is to be with his wife. Unfortunately, he did not express it well...
Karson's Surprise: A New Rug!Karson's wife Lana decided to make a big purchase without consulting him first.
Husband Nursery?Kind of like a daycare, but for... husbands?
Caller Rachael and Miley Cyrus Both Hate Their Engagement RingsHear what they both had to say.
War Of The Roses Update: Nanny CamWas the couple able to repair the damage?
I'm a Dumbass: Vasectomy Surprise!Caller Dean decided to surprise his wife with a vasectomy!

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