Listener Advice For Producer Mike Officiating a WeddingProducer Mike is officiating his cousins upcoming wedding and he is sweating bullets about how it's gonna go.
War Of The Roses: He's Married!Anna thinks her new man is living a double life. Will she be single after this call?
Karson's 10-Year Wedding Anniversary With Lana!Karson and his wife are celebrating QUITE the milestone: their 10-year wedding anniversary!
Kennedy Gave Her Boyfriend Her Phone's PasscodeKennedy has a new boyfriend, and she's already trusting him enough to give him her phone's passcode!
Kennedy Has A BOYFRIEND!It's official, y'all; Kennedy is off the market!
Mix Listener Who Sold TMZ A Taylor Swift Video Calls UsTaylor Swift was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding this weekend, but she ignored her fans who showed up to the church in the process.
Salt's Parents Forgot About Their Own AnniversarySalty is such a good child, reminding his parents about their anniversary and all!
Do Engagements Not Lead To Marriages Anymore?The Bachelor may have some thoughts on this trend...
War of the RosesSarah called up her hubby Chase and things got real.
War Of The Roses: Daddy's CarEmily's son thought he saw daddy's car in front of someone else's house, so, which house gets the roses then?
War Of The Roses: Hot For TeacherTanya has us call her hubby because she's worried about their son's teacher. Will we find out he is just being a concerned parent or a "room daddy?"
Adam Levine Called His Wife What?Ladies, how would you feel if your man called you "the baddest b****h" out there?

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