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MBQ: Japanese City Issues 9pm Curfew On Smartphone Use For Kids – Thoughts?

Matthew’s Burning Question: How do you think “screen time” for kids should be handled? Our iPhones, Androids and tablets are great tools, but sometimes it’s not easy to keep their use under control. This is […]


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MBQ: What’s Your Favorite Smell?

Matthew’s Burning Question: What’s your favorite smell. New study lists our 10 Favorite Smells. Mine is definitely a tie between freshly brewed coffee and ocean air. (Except when you’re at the beach too long and […]


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MBQ: What Was Your Biggest Screw Up At Work?

Matthew’s Burning Question: Biggest mistake YOU ever made at work? Crazy story out of Mississippi… Around 9:00 P.M. on Wednesday night, the county coroner declared Walter Williams dead when he couldn’t find a pulse. Four […]


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MBQ: If Money Didn’t Matter, Would You Quit Your Job?

Matthew’s Burning Question: If Money Didn’t Matter, Would You Quit Your Job? I assume you go to your job mainly because you need money to buy things you like.  Like your Dunkin Donuts.  And a […]


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MBQ: What Movie Do You Always Find Yourself Quoting?

Matthew’s Burning Question: What’s your go-to movie quote? In the wake of the death of actor/screenwriter Harold Ramis, I’ve been hearing a lot of his incredible dialog and seeing some of his great quotes online. […]



MBQ: Dumbest Thing You Ever Got Fired/Fired Someone For?

A teenager outside Seattle was fired for wearing his Denver Broncos jersey to work. The boss sent out an email telling employees they could dress down by “wearing a jersey” to work. 17 year old […]



MBQ: Snapped Any Cool Boston Snow Pics?

Here we go again. Another blizzard for parts of the Boston area. And, while it may be a pain in the butt, it sure does make for some pretty awesome pictures. My friend Brian put […]



MBQ: If The Police Searched YOUR Home, What Would Embarrass You Most?

Matthew’s Burning Question: If the police searched your house what would you be most embarrassed by? (I’ll share my answer at about 11:15pm.) Yesterday morning, ELEVEN Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department vehicles surrounded Justin Bieber‘s […]


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MBQ: Britney Handles Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Champ, Have You Ever Had One?

Matthew’s Burning Question: Have You Ever Had  A Wardrobe Malfunction? Britney Spears had her zipper pop on the back of her ringmaster outfit during her Circus performance out in Vegas. She didn’t miss a beat, […]



MBQ: The Two-Word Advice You’d Give Your Younger Self

“Ignore idiots!” That was one of the responses we saw on a discussion on Huffington Post earlier today. Interesting question… If you could somehow travel back in time and give your younger self some advice, […]