Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 9/14
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 9/7
Fetch? Here's A First Look At "The Plastics" Of Mean Girls: 'The Musical'Here's your first glimpse at the musical the world has been waiting for.
Can't Lick Salt: Wednesday 08/09
Can't Beat Kennedy: Alexis from SandwichCan Alexis beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kylie From AbbingtonCan Kylie beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Rachel McAdams Hasn't Closed the (Burn) Book On a 'Mean Girls' ReunionThe actress is interested in being a part of Tina Fey's upcoming musical based on the film.
Oh My God That Was One Time! Lindsay Lohan And Jonathan Bennett FaceTimed Right After October 3rdTo be a fly on the wall for that conversation...
Lindsay Lohan Celebrates 'Mean Girls' Day With One-Handed SelfieThe actress lost half of a finger during a boating accident over the weekend.
'Mean Girls' Star Lacey Chabert Welcomes Baby Girl!Gretchen Wieners is officially a mom!
'Mean Girls' Star Daniel Franzese Is Engaged!!Another 'Mean Girls' star has gotten engaged
Tina Fey is Going to Make the 'Mean Girls' Musical Happen, Thanks to Ellie Kemper's Pregnancy"Thanks to Ellie Kemper’s pregnancy, we have this whole summer to work on it."

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