When She Says "You Don't Have To Do Anything" ...it means SOMETHING!This is a classic case of - Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say! Check out the story and decide if you'd put him In The Doghouse!! Listen live Mondays at 5:40
Can't Beat Kennedy: Josh From BeverlyCan Josh beat Kennedy?
Kelly's Update From Rio OlympicsKennedy's friend is in Brazil with her gold squad for the Rio Olympics, and she called in to give us the update on howΒ her trip is going so far.
Faux 911: 90-Year-Old JohnA 90-year-old man went off on the police when he got arrested for soliciting a prostitute.
Karson and Kennedy: That Time Adele's Credit Card Was Declined at H&MSee? She's just like us!
Karson and Kennedy's Rio Olympics UpdateListen to Karson, Kennedy and Salt's update here!
War of the Roses: Get a ClueJimmy's girlfriend Angela ran into her ex the other day. Is she trying to rekindle an old flame?
Who's The Bigger Jacka**?This morning we played a game to find out who is the bigger jacka** about their wedding plans.
War of the Roses Marathon: Same Old SongMegan's boyfriend Jeff used to sing songs only for her. But has he found another muse?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kim From QuincyCan Kim beat Kennedy?
Coldplay Gave Karson a Birthday Shout-Out During Their ConcertHear all the exciting details!
War of the Roses Marathon: 50 Shades of SomethingMatt is worried that his girlfriend Amanda is getting bored with the relationship, but will he want to know what has been exciting her?

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