Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Resume FraudWill Mandy's mom be as proud after hearing these three lies?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: The RussiansDevin lives with him mom, and recently the internet and cable got cut off.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: I'm On A BoatWe told Tim to tell his mom Liz that he decided to take it out a little early... and let's just say he gets in deep water.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: The RingChris' mom wants him to get engaged, instead he comes up with a story that has her hopping mad!
Update: Salt Meeting the Parents!Listen to hear what Sarah's dad thought about Salt!
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Tree TroublesFor this Three Lies, we have Steph yelling "TIMBER!"
Franzia's Family Viewing HourTuesday nights is family TV night at the Franzia household... But last night, Franzia was watching her parents more than the show!
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: The InheritanceScott just inherited some money from his grandmother, and his mom is worried he's going to blow it on something stupid.
This Mom Is A Box Of ChocolatesDo you think they're being unreasonable, or that Sheila is in the wrong?
Is There Such Thing As a Part-Time Mom?Does working part-time also make you a "part-time mom?" Apparently some people think this way.
Three Lies to Tell Your Mom: School Vacation NightmareCan Hannah get mom to believe her tall tales about school vacation?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Valentine's Day MassacreIt's a Valentine's Day edition of 3 Lies... Can we sufficiently freak out Mike's mom?

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