Salt's Girlfriend Got A Job Makin' More Money Than He Does!Salt's girlfriend has been unemployed this summer waiting for that one right job, but it was worth the wait! Find out what Salt thinks about the situation.
What Expensive Objects Have You Destroyed Right After Buying Them?Someone crashed their Ferrari an hour after buying it and we are WEEPING about it.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Dethrones Bill Gates As World's Richest ManGet used to hearing the name Jeff Bezos.
Facebook Fight: Mo' Money Mo' Problems Lending money to friends is never a good idea and this Facebook fight is a prime example why!
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: Thou Shalt Not StealWhoa, I'm glad my mom's not yelling at me like that.
Facebook Fights: Pyramid SchemesFind out why everyone on Facebook think's Nick should stop thinking & talking for his girlfriend when it comes to money.
Lana Wants To Take Mimi on a CruiseLana wants to go on two vacations this summer, will Karson agree?
What's The Worst Thing You've Done Out Of Spite To Prove a Point?C'mon, tell us your stories...
Facebook Fight: Banking for DummiesFrancine is a bit confused of the functions of a bank so naturally she went to Facebook to ask!
Facebook Fight: Helping HandsJohn needs help with some yard work and he is willing to pay!
Kennedy's Shopping Problems!We have a new game! It is called guess how much Kennedy spent at BJs!
Should Children Inherit Fortunes?Gordon Ramsay is not giving his money to his children... Is this a Jerk move?

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