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Open Mixfest 2015 Qualifier | Aaron Perry “Jealous”

Open Mixfest Qualifier – August 26, 2015 Congratulations to Aaron Perry from Randolph, MA – tonight’s Open Mixfest 2015 qualifier! Aaron is a 15 Seconds of Fame alum and our 8th qualifier this year. Check out his […]



Open Mixfest 2015 Qualifier | Rhett Price

Open Mixfest Qualifier – August 25, 2015 Congratulations to Rhett Price from Brighton, MA – tonight’s Open Mixfest 2015 qualifier! The super talented violinist submitted a great cover of Fetty Wap’s Again.  You may have seen him performing at a […]


Open Mixfest 2015

Open Mixfest 2015 Qualifier | Alyssa Marie “Hold On Tight”

Open Mixfest Qualifier – August 24, 2015 Congratulations to Alyssa Marie from Avon, MA. She is tonight’s Open Mixfest 2015 qualifier! The talented South Shore rapper sent us a cool video of her original song Hold On Tight. Alyssa is one […]


Open Mixfest 2015

Open Mixfest 2015 Qualifier | Kiri Cormack “Toxic”

Open Mixfest Qualifier – August 21, 2015 Congratulations to Kiri Cormack from Milton, MA. She is our fifth Open Mixfest 2015 qualifier! The Berklee alum submitted a cool acoustic cover of Britney Spears Toxic. Kiri is now one step closer to Opening Mixfest […]


Open Mixfest 2015

Open Mixfest 2015 Qualifier | Adam Sickler “The Cure”

Open Mixfest Qualifier – August 20, 2015 Congratulations to Adam Sickler from Medford, MA. He is our fourth Open Mixfest 2015 qualifier! Adam sent us an original song called The Cure. Tune in tonight at 10:40pm to hear it again. And, check out […]


Open Mixfest 2015

Open Mixfest 2015 Qualifier | Jenna Lotti “Medicine”

Open Mixfest Qualifier – August 19, 2015 Congratulations to Milton, MA artist Jenna Lotti! She is our third Open Mixfest 2015 qualifier! Jenna submitted an original song called Medicine – complete with a cool music video too! Jenna is one step […]


Open Mixfest 2015

Open Mixfest 2015 Qualifier | Emily Desmond “Virtual Reality”

Open Mixfest Qualifier – August 18, 2015 Congratulations to Berklee student Emily Desmond from Boston by way of Lowell, MA. She is our second Open Mixfest 2015 qualifier! She submitted a very clever and catchy original song called Virtual […]


Open Mixfest 2015

Open Mixfest 2015 Qualifier | Jack Vandervelde “Save The King”

Open Mixfest Qualifier – August 17, 2015 Congratulations to 20 year old Jack Vandervelde from Wellesley, MA. He is our first Open Mixfest 2015 qualifier! His submission is an original song, called Save The King, which is […]


15 - Michael Minelli

15 Seconds Of Fame – Michael Minelli | Lost In Love #Update

New England singer/songwriter and 15 Seconds of Fame alum Michael Minelli is back with a new song. We first featured the Newington, CT singer about a year and a half ago, with his stellar cover of John Legend‘s All […]



10 Ways to Get Wet This Summer (Kid-Friendly!)

Need to cool off from this crazy summer heat? Here are some places you can go, and bring the kids, to cool down in the water