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15 Seconds - Molly Reinold

15 Seconds Of Fame – Molly Reinold | Night Changes

Local singer Molly Reinold is our 15 Seconds of Fame featured artist tonight. Check out this talented Boston girl’s cover of One Direction‘s Night Changes and tell us what you think! And here’s a cool acoustic cover of one of […]


(Photo by RJ O'Shaughnessy/Columbia Records)

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Is Working with Members of One Direction on Music

Daughtry’s former drummer Robin Diaz has posted pics of Payne and Tomlinson rocking out on the drums with Nickelback’s frontman.


15 Seconds Anthem Lights Katy Superbowl 49 Parody

15 Seconds Of Fame | Awesome Katy Perry Superbowl XLIX Parody

Last year, we introduced you to Anthem Lights and we’ve got a really cool update edition of 15 Seconds of Fame for you tonight. It’s a Superbowl XLIX themed mashup parody of a bunch of songs from SB49 […]


(Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Harry Styles Knows ‘What Love Is,’ According to Meghan Trainor

The two recently teamed up for a songwriting session, where Trainor says Styles thoroughly impressed her.


(Jason Merritt/Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Watch Taylor Swift Ignore Harry Styles in a Hotel Lobby

It was the best reality show ever when pop superstars Harry Styles and Taylor Swift had an unexpected public encounter.


(RJ O’Shaughnessy/Columbia Records)

One Direction Sit on the Floor with Jimmy Fallon: ‘This Is How We Always Hang Out’

One Direction return to the Tonight Show for a chat with Fallon while sitting…on the floor.


(Photo by RJ O'Shaughnessy/Columbia Records)

One Direction Perform ‘Little Things’ in TV Special Teaser: Watch

The night before the night before Christmas (Dec. 23), One Direction will take over TVs in the U.S.


(Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Watch Harry Styles Channel Patrick Swayze For a Little ‘Dirty Dancing’ With Kristen Wiig

Seems like Harry Styles truly had the time of his life at Saturday Night Live.




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