Too Much Sex Talk For A 15-Yr-Old?Does a 15-yr-old really need to be reading a magazine offering sex tips to its readers?
Do Engagements Not Lead To Marriages Anymore?The Bachelor may have some thoughts on this trend...
Producer Mike Ripped His Pants (LOL)Of course, Producer Mike rips his pants right when he needs his pants the most. What a shame.
Producer Mike's RV Update!Producer Mike recently purchased an RV, and yesterday he finalized the deal by signing the papers.
How Do You Deal with a Snoring Spouse?Does your significant other snore?
Producer Mike's Son Is Having a Crazy 21st Birthday PartyAnd the show thinks it's gonna be a crap show!
Isn't That Why God Made Student Loans?Producer Mike's daughter has her top 10 dream school list, Mike's wondering if he can actually afford any of them.
Who Does The "Snow Chores" in Your House?Do you share the snow chores with your significant other?
How Have You Gotten Out Of A Speeding Ticket?Producer Mike got pulled over for speeding on his way to work, but ended up getting out of the ticket.
Producer Mike Has Some Demands For Jury DutyProducer Mike has a few requests to enhance his experience in doing his civic duty for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Producer Mike's Wife Thinks He Got "Snipped" And Didn't Tell HerDid Producer Mike go under the knife without telling his wife? Let's find out.
Producer Mike's Wife's Amazon Prime AddictionShould Producer Mike put his foot down?

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