I'm a Dumbass: Proposal FlopPhil forgot one important thing in this whole proposal plan...
I'm a Dumbass: The Ring PrankMaybe next time clear your browser history...
War Of The Roses Marathon: Call Number 2Ken proposed to Elyse but she still isn't sure. Will we need two calls to get to the bottom of this?
Wedding Alert: Karson's Daughter!Hear how her future hubby proposed!
Was Your Proposal a Disaster?Last night, a proposal in the stands at a Red Sox vs. Yankees game went terribly wrong.
War Of The Roses: Tinder Goes Up In FlamesSteve just proposed to Dana. Dana just saw Steve on Tinder. Will this engagement go up in flames?
Gwen Stefani Comments on Blake Shelton's KFC Proposal and Whether He'll Be Joining Her On TourGwen Stefani's 'This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour' kicks off at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield on July 12th!
Have You Ever Rejected a Marriage Proposal?This celebrity couple just went through it.
Work Less, Make More!How does a 6 hour work day sound to you?
Popping The Question In A Car, Good Idea? Bad Idea?Would you accept a proposal like this?
Would You Pay Your Kid To Make You a Grandfather If You Had No Grandchildren?Should the listener tell their significant other about their father's proposal?
Is 19 Years Too Long To Wait For A Ring?Congratulations to Maria Menounos!

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