MixFest: Year-In-Review!We've had a lot of MixFests, so listen above and try to guess which year all of these events happened!
Would You Pay $100 To Let Your Kid Cut The Lunch Line?Something about kids knowing they're better off because they can "afford" to cut the lunch line just doesn't feel right.
May You Rest In Peace, Mom-MomListen to hear the fiesty, vibrant character Karson's grandma was. She will be sorely missed.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 7/24
Listen To Past Ed Sheeran Mix 104.1 InterviewsEd Sheeran and Mix 104.1 are like two peas in a pod.
Intern Paul Sang With The Backstreet Boys!Listen to one of our new interns make a harmonizing impression on the Backstreet Boys!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 7/10
Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 7/7Can Aimee, Kasey, and Angela beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
How To Deal With An Overbearing Mother-In-Law!Karson's mother-in-law is celebrating her 2 year anniversary of moving in with Karson for "90 days."
Salt Almost Got Tossed From Game!Salt sat with the wrong crowd at a baseball game this weekend and almost got kicked out. Listen to find out what happened!
15 Seconds | Keelan Donovan - ALBUM PREVIEWAll this week we're featuring songs from New England artist Keelan Donovan's upcoming album at 7:40 & 10:40 PM. Tune in!
How Many Degrees Away From Your Degree Are You?A pre-k teacher just quit her job because she found a new lucrative career in.... twerking on vine videos.

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