Karson and Kennedy Call Intern Franzia's Ex Office FlingIntern Franzia had to give up her secret office romance.
War Of The Roses: Turnabout Is Fair PlayMichelle is already convinced her man Richie is cheating. But what we find out when Shelly calls, is that she should've called Michelle.
War Of The Roses Marathon: CatfishedBrittany thinks her best friend's boyfriend is cheating. How does she know? This one will go down in roses history!
War Of The Roses Marathon: My Master PlanColleen is married to Chris. Chris used to be married to Aubrey. Colleen thinks Aubrey needs a call from Shelly.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Hooters Wings WomanBrian's girlfriend Beth is spending extra time at her job. Is she working overtime or working over another guy?
War Of The Roses: Right Girl, Wrong RingClarissa and Austen just got engaged, and she's already worried.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Mr. ConsiderateKristina and Ryan break up a lot.
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Bro's Before Ho's"Robert's buddy Ryan is engaged, but Ryan still likes to play around. Will Robert put bros first or will it be the other way around?
Katy Is Thinking About Having An AffairShould she step out of her marriage to satisfy her physical needs?
War Of The Roses: We Cant Win...EverMarcie thinks something is up with her husband Steve.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Flirtin' Over Frozen CoffeeKelly thought her boyfriend Tom's eyes might be wandering. Even though he sends her roses, she's still not happy.
War Of The Roses Marathon: N-F-CShawn's boyfriend Todd is looking for someone just like him.

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