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War of the Roses Marathon: She Kissed a Girl and She Liked It

Jordy thinks his girlfriend Traci might be stepping out. But it’s who she’s stepping out with that takes us all by surprise.

Mix 104.1–11/20/2014


Would You Break Up With Your Man Because He Can’t Take A Good Picture?

Pam is in a relationship with a guy she really cares about, and he’s really good looking, but he just can’t take a good picture to save his life.

Mix 104.1–11/19/2014


War Of The Roses Marathon: “To B Or Not To B”

Nicole found a necklace in her boyfriend’s couch that isn’t hers. After this call, she may want to wring his neck.

Mix 104.1–11/17/2014

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What’s The Craziest Way You’ve Caught Someone Or Been Caught Cheating?

We took a call from a listener today that we absolutely had to share. You won’t believe how her significant other caught her cheating.

Mix 104.1–11/10/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Florence and the Man-Dream”

Nick’s girlfriend Alliah is a nurse. He’s worried she may be giving more than TLC.

Mix 104.1–11/03/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “It’s A-Me Mario”

Amanda & her boyfriend Justin did a couples costume this year. So why did she go home solo?

Mix 104.1–10/29/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “The Comeback”

Jennifer lost her boyfriend to a job in Texas 2 years ago and now he’s relocating back to Boston. The only problem is he’s bringing back more than just experience.

Mix 104.1–10/27/2014

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Amanda Giles Got Dumped Over Pizza, Via Text Message! What?!

Break ups are never fun. There’s the “it’s not you, it’s me,” or “our lives are going in different directions,” or “I don’t want you to get hurt.” But when you’re Amanda, apparently you get broken up with by text message, because you ordered pizza.


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Is It Okay To Not Be Facebook Friends With Your Partner?

Would you be okay with your significant other not being your Facebook friend?

Mix 104.1–10/20/2014

(Mix 104.1)

She Said/She Said: Is It Okay To Date Someone Your Friend Has Dated?

A guy Kennedy dated has asked Angie C out, so they got this question stuck in their minds: Is it okay to date someone your friend has dated? They’re both fine with it, but now […]

Mix 104.1–10/17/2014



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