Kennedy Doesn't Know What To Buy The MountainHow much should she spend? How much is too much?
Jessica's Thanksgiving ProposalJessica has heard through the grapevine that her boyfriend is going to propose to her tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner. The only problem is that Jessica does not want to get married.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Get A ClueJimmy's girlfriend Angela ran into her ex the other day. Is she trying to rekindle an old flame?
Would You Get Rid Of A Guy If Your Dog Didn't Like Him?Our listener Amy has been seeing a new guy and things have been going really well, but when she invited him over her house, her beloved pit bull Frank, who is usually a sweetheart, did not like him AT ALL.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Call Me Danger, Carlos DangerChelsea's boyfriend Gaga has been on his phone more than usual. Is he working, or working it?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Not Hot For TeacherMandi and Adam dated all winter, but now that summer is here, his eyes are wandering.
War Of The Roses: My Prince CharmingJennifer and Jeremy just moved in together, but he seems distant. After we call him for roses, you wont believe how distant.
The "What Are We" ConversationKennedy is at a crossroads in her relationship where she isn't sure how to introduce the guy she's dating.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Winter Is ComingRobyn and Brian have been dating for over a year and they spend every day and night together. Except for Sundays. What is it about Sunday?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Same Old SongMegan's boyfriend Jeff used to sing songs only for her. But has he found another muse?
War Of The Roses Marathon: My Master PlanColleen is married to Chris. Chris used to be married to Aubrey. Colleen thinks Aubrey needs a call from Shelly
Wait...So Salt IS Moving In With His Girlfriend?Take a listen!

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