A Daughter Divorcing From DadDo you think Kurt should be upset, or is he overreacting?
Personal Blog Or Emotional Blackmail?Kelly just received the news that her ex boyfriend is very publicly revealing the details of their relationship, and you won't believe how he's doing it.
What Did Barrett Say to Alexa?Is this new friendship too much?
Intern Kyra's Boyfriend Screwed Up... AgainIntern Kyra has returned from Spring Break & shocker, her boyfriend screwed up... again.
War Of The Roses: Keep It In The ClosetAmber thinks her boyfriend is hiding something. Will we find out what it is or will he keep it in the closet?
I'm a Dumbass: Keeping a Box Of The Exes Stuff.Yeah, you should never keep a box of your ex's stuff where your current SO can find it, as Shawn teaches us today.
Did You Ever Do The "Breakup Haircut"?Katy Perry posted on her Instagram story video of her DRASTICALLY changing her hairstyle after breaking up with Orlando Bloom.
Karson & Lana's Bedtime BanterLast night Karson & Lana were reminiscing about the early stages of dating and how they met, which turned into a fight.
War Of The Roses Marathon: To B Or Not To BNichole found a necklace in her boyfriend's couch that isn't hers. After this call, she may want to wring his neck.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Florence and the Man-DreamNick's girlfriend is a nurse. He's worried she might be giving more than TLC.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Wi-Fi InfidelityJennifer thinks her boyfriend Phil is sneaking around with her best friend. The proof is in the password.
War Of The Roses: Hockey MomsAdrienne's hubby Cody has been spending too much time with one of the hockey moms... is it innocent or does he belong in the penalty box?

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