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Amanda Giles Got Dumped Over Pizza, Via Text Message! What?!

Break ups are never fun. There’s the “it’s not you, it’s me,” or “our lives are going in different directions,” or “I don’t want you to get hurt.” But when you’re Amanda, apparently you get broken up with by text message, because you ordered pizza.


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Is It Okay To Not Be Facebook Friends With Your Partner?

Would you be okay with your significant other not being your Facebook friend?

Mix 104.1–10/20/2014

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She Said/She Said: Is It Okay To Date Someone Your Friend Has Dated?

A guy Kennedy dated has asked Angie C out, so they got this question stuck in their minds: Is it okay to date someone your friend has dated? They’re both fine with it, but now […]

Mix 104.1–10/17/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Sister, Sister”

Tina thinks her sister’s fiance is being untrue. But is she putting her nose where it doesn’t belong?

Mix 104.1–10/15/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon : “Da Da Da Da Da – Not Lovin’ It”

Sara ran into her boyfriends ex the other day & she said he’s a dirty cheater. Is she right or just crazy?

Mix 104.1–10/13/2014


What Should Amanda Get Her New Boyfriend For His Birthday?

Amanda has a new man in her life – her boyfriend Mitch. Now they’ve been dating for about a month now, but his birthday is coming up and Amanda’s not sure what she should get him.


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Karson Doesn’t Like His Anniversary Gift

Karson & Lana celebrated their 7th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and Karson doesn’t like the sweater she got him. He wants to return it. Is that wrong? Oh, and she was listening and heard him talking about it and decided to call in with her thoughts. :)


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War Of The Roses Marathon: Angel Of Mine

Veronica is concerned her boyfriend Chris is still hooked on his ex. Will a tattoo confirm her fears?


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War Of The Roses: Alright, Alright, Alright!

Douglas is concerned that his girlfriend Valerie is getting distant. Will we find a chick in men’s clothing?


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UPDATE: Listener Telling Kids She Wants To Divorce Dad

Earlier this week we had a listener call us who wanted to know what we thought about her plan to ask her kids permission to divorce their father before she told him. After giving her advice, she called us back today to let us know what she did and how it went.




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