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War Of The Roses Marathon: Man Up

Robert thinks his girlfriend may have been cheating on him while he was away at college. Could it be his inability to rise to the occasion that is driving her away?

Mix 104.1–08/29/2014

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War Of The Roses: 50 Shades Of Something

Matt is worried his girlfriend Amanda is getting bored with the relationship, but will he want to know what has been exciting her?

Mix 104.1–08/28/2014

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War Of The Roses: Text Dirty To Me

Tessa has found some questionable texts on her husbands phone. Will she get roses or a divorce?

Mix 104.1–08/27/2014

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Gwyneth Paltrow Is “Happy” For Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow is happy for her ex-husband who is dating again. ::cough:: LIAR ::cough::

Mix 104.1–08/25/2014

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Could You Take A Break In Your Relationship?

Tom Hanks is taking a break with his wife after being together for 26 years. Now we’re wondering if a relationship has ever worked after a break?

Mix 104.1–08/21/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: The Backup Plan

Alli is ready to take her relationship with Michael to the next level. However, she might have left out a key piece of information.

Mix 104.1–08/20/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Dante’s Inferno”

Allison thinks her boyfriend Scott is cheating on her, but will he flip the script on us?

Mix 104.1–08/18/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: “Missing Protection”

Adrienne and Chris have only been dating a month and she’s already suspicious. But are WE the ones who get burned?

Mix 104.1–08/13/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: The Grieving Work Widow

Kate Thinks her husband might be getting a little too close to a co-worker. Will we see a promotion or a firing?

Mix 104.1–08/11/2014

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Would You Delete The Pictures Of Your Ex For Your New Relationship?

What would you do if your new boyfriend of a couple of months still has pictures of his ex girlfriend all over his Facebook page, including his profile picture?

Mix 104.1–08/06/2014



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