Facebook Fights: Pyramid SchemesFind out why everyone on Facebook think's Nick should stop thinking & talking for his girlfriend when it comes to money.
Kennedy Adulted & You'll NEVER Guess Why!What do you think happened when Kennedy ran into her boyfriend's ex?
Would You "Punch a Clock" To Show What Time You Got Home?On a scale of one to ludicrous, how ridiculous is this idea?
War Of The Roses: Prom NightEmily's boyfriend is chaperoning a prom. But has he given a promposal to another teacher?
Who Invites Someone's Ex To Their Surprise Party?Because it happened to Samantha. And he brought his new girlfriend
War Of The Roses: I Think He's MarriedRebecca has been dating Matt long distance. When she went to Chicago to visit him, she found out its not "her kind of town."
Kennedy: When Did Mine Become Ours?Kennedy and The Mountain have been living together for 5 months now! But now, he is bringing in stuff from his mother's home and is piling it in their apartment.
A Daughter Divorcing From DadDo you think Kurt should be upset, or is he overreacting?
Personal Blog Or Emotional Blackmail?Kelly just received the news that her ex boyfriend is very publicly revealing the details of their relationship, and you won't believe how he's doing it.
What Did Barrett Say to Alexa?Is this new friendship too much?
Intern Kyra's Boyfriend Screwed Up... AgainIntern Kyra has returned from Spring Break & shocker, her boyfriend screwed up... again.
War Of The Roses: Keep It In The ClosetAmber thinks her boyfriend is hiding something. Will we find out what it is or will he keep it in the closet?

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