War of the Roses Marathon: Glory DaysHope and Jay were married just over a year ago, but it looks like the 7-year itch might have come a little early.
War Of The Roses: Craigslist Situations WantedWhat do you do when you think your boyfriend has answered a "situations wanted" Craigslist ad? Call for Shelly!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Drunken I Love YouCara said 'I love you' to her man Todd in a drunken moment. But now she wants to take it back.
War Of The Roses Marathon: ShowgirlsChrissy thinks something might be up with her new boyfriend because she hasn't met any of his friends.
War Of The Roses Marathon: SomniloquyShe hears a secret that he keeps... cause he's been talking in his sleep.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Ready To GoTim is concerned that his girlfriend Adrian might be a little "flirty," but she might be more like "easy."
War of the Roses: Where Everybody Knows Your NameAngela and Tony have been dating for a while, and they have a favorite bar. But another woman taken Angela's stool?
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Oh Baby"Pam's hubby Tim has been traveling a lot for work and a piece of mail she got while he was away has her wondering if he's working or playing.
War Of The Roses Marathon: The 2 Faces Of SullyWendy is concerned that her boyfriend Sully's eye might be wandering. We think that isn't the only thing wandering.
War Of The Roses Marathon: "You Better Watch Out Because I'm Gonna Say"Ted & his wife got into a huge fight and she accused him of cheating. Will his answer surprise us all?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Breaking a Dry SpellKara had asked her new man Mike to take it slow. Now she's worried he might have taken it somewhere else.
War Of The Roses Marathon: What's Your Number?Mandi's boyfriend Collin is making her jealous by flirting with other girls. But will she turn from green to red after one call?

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