War Of The Roses Marathon: CatfishedBrittany thinks her best friend's boyfriend is cheating. How does she know? This one will go down in roses history!
War Of The Marathon: My Prince CharmingJennifer and Jeremy just moved in together, but he seems distant. After we call for roses, you won't believe how distant!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Hooters Wings WomanBrian's girlfriend Beth is spending extra time at her job. Is she working overtime or working over another guy?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Mr. ConsiderateKristina and Ryan break up a lot.
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Bro's Before Ho's"Robert's buddy Ryan is engaged, but Ryan still likes to play around. Will Robert put bros first or will it be the other way around?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Flirtin' Over Frozen CoffeeKelly thought her boyfriend Tom's eyes might be wandering. Even though he sends her roses, she's still not happy.
War Of The Roses: My Man Is A DogPam is worried that her boyfriend Chris is spending a little too much time with the neighbor.
War Of The Roses Marathon: IBSJessica's boyfriend has been cancelling a lot of dates lately. Is he really sick, or has he found a new nurse?
War Of The Roses Marathon: It's ElectricJulie had some work done on her house and one of the guys hit on her. Will she see sparks or will it fizzle out?
War Of The Roses Marathon: I Feel PrettyCassie thinks her bestie's husband Brain is a little too flirty with her. Will he send roses to his wife, to Cassie, or someone else?
War Of The Roses Marathon: The Big Mac DietErin thinks her boyfriend Matt is still talking to his ex. A quick look at his cellphone has her calling us for roses.
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Blacked Out"Anna's friend Paul put the moves on her the other day. Problem is, he has a girlfriend. When we offer Roses, will he take girl #1 or girl #2?

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