War Of The Roses Marathon: The Loneliest Woman In BostonElizabeth thinks that her boyfriend Steve is spending a little too much time with her best friend.
War of the Roses Marathon: Who In Hell is Pooh BearEmily's husband Chris says that he's been spending more and more time at the gym. But has he really just found a new workout partner?
War Of The Roses Update: The RoommateWe caught up with Amanda to see how things were going with her boyfriend Adam.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Flirtin' Over Frozen CoffeeKelly thought her boyfriend Tom's eyes might be wandering. But even though he sends her roses, she's still not happy.
War Of The Roses: High School CrazyAmanda and Austen recently went to their high school reunion together, and left separately.
War of the Roses Marathon: The Silver FoxVeronica called us about her boyfriend, then proceeded to make this the most confusing roses we've ever done.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Netflix and ChillShawn's boyfriend Todd is looking for someone just like him, who likes to lay around and chill.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Flowers For A FianceKaren is recently engaged but she feels that her fiance might be getting cold feet.
War of the Roses Marathon: The Joke With The Terrible PunchlineSteph's husband Jeff has been spending a lot of time with a co-worker. Has he gotten too close to his work wife?
War Of The Roses: The RoommateAmanda invited her friend Analise to move in with her, but it seems like her boyfriend Adam is being a little too welcoming.
War of the Roses Marathon: Voulez-Vous Cuche Avez Moi?Scott's wife Alex is learning French, but Scott is worried she's conjugating more than verbs.
War of the Roses Marathon: Text Gone WrongRobin got a text from her boyfriend James thanking her for an amazing night. After she spent the night home alone.

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