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War of the Roses: Snow Day

Jessie’s boyfriend Peter tried a new career of plowing snow during the blizzard. Was he on the roads or with a snow angel?

Mix 104.1–01/29/2015

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War of the Roses Marathon: Coffee, Tea or Me?

Jacqueline’s hubby Ryan is a pilot, so he spends a good deal of time away. She’s worried he might be “flying the friendly skies”.

Mix 104.1–01/29/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “The Hot Mom At School”

Pam asked her hubby John to chaperon a school trip recently – but it seems he might need some chaperoning of his own.

Mix 104.1–01/28/2015


War of the Roses: On the Prowl

Angela is concerned that her new man Adam is wooing another. Problem is he doesn’t know what that word means.

Mix 104.1–01/26/2015

(Mix 104.1 Graphic)

War Of The Roses: “One Night In Bangkok”

Mary thinks there might be trouble in their relationship. Looks like the trouble might be her.

Mix 104.1–01/22/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “The Reunion”

Andrea & her husband Ron just attended his 10 year High School Reunion & it seems he’s reliving more than the glory days.

Mix 104.1–01/21/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Shoot To Thrill”

Tommy is worried his wife Jessica might be playing more than online games with another guy.

Mix 104.1–01/16/2015


War of The Roses Marathon: A Moment of Weakness

Meghan’s husband Tim left his Facebook page open and what she found made her click the dislike button.

Mix 104.1–01/15/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Does Anyone Believe The Old “She’s Just A Friend” Thing Anymore?

Jessica’s boyfriend just rekindled a friendship with an old college friend. But has a spark led to a fire?

Mix 104.1–01/14/2015


War Of The Roses Marathon: “Kennedy”

Tera is trying to catch Patrick in a lie, but could it be that someone on the show is to blame?

Mix 104.1–01/12/2015



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