War Of The Roses: Flirtin' Over Frozen CoffeeKelly thought her boyfriend Tom's eyes were wandering. But even though he sends her roses, she's still not happy.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Who Let The Dogs Out?Amanda has been dating Jeff for a few years, but a call from the pet sitter has her in tears.
War Of The Roses Marathon: "The Daughter"Kim's boyfriend Jeff has been getting calls from a girl named Sophie and it has her concerned. But it might not be for the right reasons.
War Of The Roses Marathon: The Big Mac DietErin thinks her boyfriend Matt is still talking to his ex. A quick look at his cell phone has her calling us for roses.
War Of The Roses Marathon: "N-F-C"Shawn's boyfriend Todd is looking for someone just like him, someone who likes to lay around and chill. But will his search for a relaxing life only further complicate their relationship?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Sex?Kara's boyfriend Ken has been going out a lot lately and a note she found makes her think he's not going out alone.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Not Hot For TeacherMandi and Adam dated all winter. But now that summer is here, his eyes are wandering.
War Of The Roses Marathon: My Man Is a DogPam is worried that her boyfriend Chris is spending a little too much time with the neighbor. Is he just being friendly or flirty?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Family Get TogetherTodd and his wife Mary spent their first Thanksgiving with his family last year, and it looked like Mary might have taken the term "brotherly love" too literally.
War Of The Roses Marathon: When I'm Away, Does The Cat Play?Gina has been working away from home a lot lately, and she's worried that someone else is keeping her man Jay warm at night.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Welcome to The Modern AgeLaura and Steven have been together for 8 years, but she feels like he relationship is changing. But the changes HE wants might have her showing him the door.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Under ProtestRobyn and David have only been dating for a few weeks. Is it too son for War Of The Roses? Let's find out together.