Salt Interviews Kumail Nanjiani From 'Silicon Valley' & 'The Big Sick''The Big Sick' is out in theaters on June 23rd!
Salt's 30 Second Interview with Mark WahlbergSalt trekked down to Foxborough with a camera and a tripod just in time for the "Transformers: The Last Knight" premiere and even got to interview Mark Wahlberg!
Salt Almost Got Tossed From Game!Salt sat with the wrong crowd at a baseball game this weekend and almost got kicked out. Listen to find out what happened!
Salt Talked To Some Interesting Folks at Boston CallingMost of whom were on some sort mind altering substance. And luckily he brought back audio for us!
Nobody Could Flush The Toilet At The Radio Station YesterdayThey're doing construction on the bathrooms at CBS Radio and yesterday they had to shut the water off for about 5 hours.
Salt Bought A New Electronic DeviceHEY, it's not what you think!
Karson & Kennedy Share Their Boston Marathon ExperiencesFor this year's Marathon Monday, Salt helped runners power through Heartbreak Hill and Karson went to Spaulding Rehab's post-race party.
Motivational Speaker: Salt on Marathon MondayWho better to motivate marathon participants than Salt from Karson & Kennedy?
Karson & Kennedy: Salt vs. WildWhy was Salt late to work today?
Saltapedia: Red SoxDoes Salt know the history of the Boston Red Sox?
Fun College RAs Exist!Welcome to Salt's Wednesday nights! He hosts a trivia segment at a bar and met some wild College RAs...
Uncle Salt's Roaring MistakeThis story proves no good deed goes unpunished!

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