Salt's Parents Forgot About Their Own AnniversarySalty is such a good child, reminding his parents about their anniversary and all!
Kelly Clarkson Talks MixFest With Karson & SaltKarson and Salt caught up with Kelly Clarkson in anticipation of her MixFest performance. Find out what the 35-year-old singer had to say about life with kids!
Phillip Phillips Thinks Hand Holding Is Very Important In a RelationshipPhillip Phillips joined Karson & Kennedy Tuesday morning on Mix, and we decided to bring his wife Hannah on for her first ever live radio interview.
Salt's Girlfriend Got A Job Makin' More Money Than He Does!Salt's girlfriend has been unemployed this summer waiting for that one right job, but it was worth the wait! Find out what Salt thinks about the situation.
Frim-Is-Tim-And-Franzia Date 2: A Night With ColdplayTim invited Franzia to go to Coldplay's concert with him at Gillette Stadium last week, and we think that means something!
Producer Dan Isn't Losing Weight For JUST His HealthWeight loss is something many of us can relate to, and Producer Dan is on a mission to make it happen for himself!
Karson's Sister-In-Law Is Moving In... For GoodWhen somebody's staying "temporarily" at Karson's house, they're actually going to stay for YEARS.
Creepy Grocer Slips Love Note In Woman's BagYou will NOT believe this caller's story about a creepy grocer slipping his number into her reusable grocery bag.
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: Vegas Is A Den Of SinYour mom hates Vegas, and you tell her you're going to start dating a stripper there while becoming a professional poker player.
Salt's Awful Airport Experience Will Make You Feel Better About Your DayIt took Salt WAY too long to get to North Carolina when it should have only taken just over 2 hours.
It Gets Tumultuous With Kids After 9PMListen to what happened at a party Karson went to this weekend!
Can't Lick Salt: Monday 8/7

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