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(Walt Disney Home Entertainment)

#Trending: Beyonce Meets Scrooge McDuck In “Single Ladies”/”DuckTales” Video Mashup

Someone took the time to realize that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is rhythmically comparable to the theme song of the former Disney Afternoon staple, DuckTales.


(Hector Vivas/Latin Content/Getty Images)

Have a Netflix Christmas, and a Binge-ing New Year

The best thing to do during time off? Binge on Netflix. Here are 10 holiday movies to watch, plus what’s coming and leaving Netflix in January.


mbq present 2

MBQ: Have You Ever Bought A Christmas Present For Someone Else, Then Kept It For Yourself?

Matthew’s Burning Question This is some next level re-gifting right here.  Instead of waiting until you get a lame present to re-gift to someone else . . . you buy a SWEET present for someone […]


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Least Charitable People In America: New Englanders? Yep…

So, it looks like we’re a bunch of cheapskates. In the most recent ranking of least charitable states, the 6 New England states ranked among the Bottom 7. Here’s the Top (Bottom?) Ten: Maine New […]