The Sports Hub's Jim Murray Missed Gronk's Surprise Appearance!The Sports Hub's Jim Murray from the Felger & Mazz show was sent to Washington, D.C. yesterday to cover the Patriots's visit to the White House.
Sharon Osbourne Shares Naked 'Selfie' Inspired By Kim KardashianToday Kim Kardashian received some support from one of the hosts of, 'The Talk', Sharon Osbourne, after she posted her own naked selfie.
Some Women Are Offended By The Makeup-Free Selfie TrendBecause everything is bound to offend someone.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Christine From AshlandCan Christine beat Kennedy?
Have You Ever Found a "Sexy Selfie" On Your Kid's Cell Phone?After seeing a picture on his daughter's cell phone that could be described as a "sexy selfie", Eric called Karson and Kennedy for advice.
Dirty on the 30 - Vanilla Steals Steals Baby...Do you really need more than knowing there is Vanilla Ice goodness ahead??
Can't Lick Salt: Brad From BeverlyCan Brad from Beverly "lick" Salt?
Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza, Takes Selfie, As Teens DoNo word on if Barack plans on attending once his presidency is complete.
Selfies are the New Autograph, According to Taylor SwiftWe made a "selfie game" inspired my T Swift's latest comments about autographs becoming obsolete. Come play our game, here!
Mariah Carey Tweets Out A "Current" Selfie That May Be 17 Years OldIt looks like Mariah Carey is trying to pass off a picture from 1997 as a modern day selfie...
Brad Paisley Wrangles Up His Haters And Takes A Selfie With Them!What do you do when people hate on you? Brad Paisley takes selfies and plays LOUDER!
Dubstep, Auto-Tune, Selfie Among New Words in 2014 DictionaryMore than 150 new words and definitions were added to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 2014 edition. Among the notable pop-culture terms officially added to the language are dubstep, which will inevitably infuriate those who can't stand the genre, Auto-Tune, fangirl and, possibly the country's most widely used new term, selfie. (The Chainsmokers must be giggling).

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