Seth Meyers Makes Fun Of Patriots' Planes & Boston University StudentsThe 'Late Night' host poked fun at BU student's dorm room sushi restaurant and the New England Patriots' recent big purchase.
Late Night Host Seth Meyers Releases Fake Trailer For "Boston Accent"In a world where Seth Meyers releases a trailer for the most Boston movie evah...
Justin Timberlake Writes Generic Late Night Themes For Seth Meyers"Recently, despite my many accomplishments, and I have accomplished a lot, the one thing I haven't done, I haven't written a theme song for a late night talk show," Timberlake tells Meyers in the video. "And since you're my favorite talk show host [...] I wrote something up for you!"
Jon Snow Would Make a Terrible Dinner Party Guest [VIDEO]What if the morbid, pouty Jon Snow from "Game of Thrones" was thrust into a real-life dinner party? Hilarity would ensue, of course!
Lauren Graham On Gilmore Girls Cancellation: "They Just Yank It and You Find Out Later"Lauren Graham reflects on Gilmore Girls and how the show ended without her even knowing it.
Top 5 Moments of the 2014 Emmy AwardsDid you miss the Emmy Awards this year? No worries. We've laid out the show's top 5 moments for you. Check out the photos and videos here!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Justine From HudsonCan Justine from Hudson beat Kennedy?
Watch Sia Perform 'Chandelier,' With Help From Lena DunhamWith a little help from Girls star Lena Dunham, Sia recreates her video for "Chandelier" on 'Late Night With Seth Meyers.' Well sort of.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Heather From ManchesterCan YOU beat Kennedy? Listener Heather calls in to give it a shot!
No "Misery Business" For Paramore...Their New Single Is On Fire!Paramore's new single Ain't It Fun is blowin' up the charts! Check out their performance from last night's Late Night With Seth Meyers!
Kanye West Playing Seth Meyers' First Week at 'Late Night'While Jimmy Fallon will kick off his first week hosting 'The Tonight Show' with a pretty stellar lineup of musical guests, Seth Meyers just managed to one-up him.
Fred Armisen Announced as New Bandleader for 'Late Night with Seth Meyers'Fans will get their first glimpse of the new house band when Meyers takes over 'Late Night' on Feb. 24.

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