Karson's Nightmares!Karson had a nightmare! No, it was not about monsters... but maybe a monster-in-law?
How Do You Deal with a Snoring Spouse?Does your significant other snore?
Karson & Kennedy: Are YOU Middle Aged?When did you realize you were middle aged?
We Had Kennedy's Michael Douglas Sex Dream Broken Down By An ExpertWhat does the dream mean? Karson & Kennedy brought in an expert opinion...
At What Age Did Your Kid Stop Sleeping In Your Bed?Because David Wade has had about enough of it!
Karson and Kennedy Got Quite The Call This Morning....Marge from Malden is tired, and she isn't happy about it.
Study: Your Partner Might Be The Reason You're Not Sleeping Well These DaysAccording to a recent survey done by a British bedding store, 75% of couples say work, being on the internet, or watching television keeps them from going to bed at the same time.
MBQ: What Do You Dream About Most Often? [State By State Dream Map]
Introducing the 'Eject-a-Bed' Alarm Clock for TeensThe holidays are just around the corner! Check out the new fool-proof 'Eject-a-Bed" alarm clock and other great unconventional alarm clocks that are sure to get the snoozer in your life out of bed!
During What Inning Did Kennedy Leave Her Red Sox Date Last Night?Kennedy gives herself a strict curfew since she works mornings. Did she stay til the end of the Sox game, or did she leave her date at the park?
1 In 5 People Have Fallen Asleep at Work , Are You One Of Them?Have you had one of those days at work where you weren't just your usual amount of tired, you were so exhausted you couldn't avoid taking a nap?  22% of people say that yes, they've slept at work.
The 5 Most Common Types of DreamsThe average person has about 6 dreams a night. You forget almost all of them, which is good, because they're really just your brain's way of screwing with you.

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