Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 4/27Now, three times a day at 6:45, 7:45, and 8:45!
"I Am Social Media" -- Lindsay Lohan Is Back With Her New Reality Series 'The Anti-Social Network'"I've decided to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth. I am really good."
Parenting 101: Should Children Have Their Phone's at Night?Do you let your children sleep with their phones?
JoJo Talks About Singing at the Patriots Game and Releasing Her First Album in TEN YEARS!JoJo also talked about how she doesn't think celebs should complain about social media.
Has Your Kid Ever Gone To Great Lengths To Avoid A Punishment?Hear what loopholes these kids came up with to get out of a punishment!
Former Intern Corrine Snapchats Child's BirthHear an update from Corinne herself here!
Meghan Trainor Pulled Her New Video and Salt Knows WhyMeghan Trainor pulled her new music video from the internet after noticing that her waist had been photoshopped without her permission.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kimberly From DorchesterCan Kimberly beat Kennedy?
Dirty on the 30 - Pats Get Their Rings and Dance the Night AwayThe Pats get their rings, Uncle Jesse gets in trouble, and the Bachelorette snapchats the winner!
Not So Silent Night Lineup Announced! Plus An Interview With One Of The PerformersMix 104.1's Not So Silent NightΒ is going to be EPIC. And we want you to be there so be sure to listen in for your chance to win tickets. Need some encouragement?
Salt's Long-Term Online FriendshipSalt has been chatting with a woman online for about 8 years. They've never met in person, and he's actually never even heard her voice, but all that could be changing...
SnapChat For Kids?Producer Mike Morgan's 11 year old daughter has asked for snapchat. You know, that app that lets you send pictures that only last for a certain amount of time? Why does she want that?

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