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Casey Affleck's 'SNL' Dunkin Donuts Parody Is So Boston It Hurts"Go back to Starbucks!"
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Can't Beat Kennedy: Michelle From WeymouthCan Michelle beat Kennedy?
Starbucks Strips Holiday Cups of Christmas DecorationsAnd boy did it anger a lot of people.
This Lady Found a Lizard in Her Coffee and It's DisgustingIf this doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth, nothing will. This lady went for her usual coffee run at Starbucks, only to find a LIZARD inside.
#Trending: Starbucks Celebrates 20th Frappuccino Anniversary With Six New FlavorsIt's been two decades since Starbucks unveiled the frozen goodness that is the Frappuccino, now they're pushing out half a dozen new flavors.
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