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Can’t Beat Kennedy: Sarah From Lowell

Can Sarah from Lowell beat Kennedy today? Can you?

Mix 104.1–05/22/2015

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Taylor Swift Inspired Fan to Lose 425 Pounds

The fan’s key to losing weight: diet, a ton of exercise, and a strict listening regime to Taylor, Taylor, and more Taylor.


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Taylor Swift’s 8 Best Revenge Songs & Who They’re About

Taylor Swift once said there’s nothing she does better than revenge. And, taking a closer look at her discography, it’s hard to argue with her.



Can’t Beat Kennedy: Tricia From Somerville

Can YOU beat Kennedy? Listen to Tricia from Somerville give it a try!

Mix 104.1–05/19/2015

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Taylor Swift: Feminism ‘Probably the Most Important Movement That You Could Embrace’

Continued: “…because it’s just basically another word for equality.”


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Why Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video Is Today’s Girl Power Anthem

Each kickass woman that stars in Taylor’s new music video makes a powerful statement for women, and it’s beautiful.


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Kendrick Lamar Steals the Show in Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video

It’s 2015 and Kendrick Lamar is not only in a Taylor Swift music video. He’s on a Taylor Swift song.


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Kendrick Lamar Steals the Show in Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video

After days and days of buildup, of teasers and posters and seemingly neverending additions to a star-studded cast, “Bad Blood,” Taylor Swift‘s newest music video, premiered to open the 2015 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night, May 17.



Hozier Tells Gregg & Freddy The Right Way To Pronounce His Name, Discusses Taylor Swift

“What’s very impressive about Taylor Swift is that she’s authentically and genuinely excited about new music,” Hozier told Gregg Daniels and Fast Freddy.